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Selections from “Pistis Sophia” – Chapters 8 to 13, Part 1 of 2

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“Pistis Sophia,” meaning “Faith-Wisdom,” or “Faith in the Light,” is a Gnostic scripture of teachings given by Lord Jesus Christ in the 11 years following His resurrection.

Today, it is an honor to share with you excerpts from Chapters 8 through 13 of “Pistis Sophia,” where the Lord Jesus Christ reveals the Divine happenings which were set in place before He and His disciples were born on Earth, as well as the role of the First Mystery, in all that has happened.

“And Jesus continued again in the discourse and said: ‘It came to pass then thereafter, that at the command of the First Mystery I looked down on the world of mankind and found Mary, who is called “my mother” according to the body of matter. I spoke with Her in the type of Gabriel, and when She had turned Herself to the height towards me, I cast thence into Her the first power which I had received from Barbelo – that is the body which I have borne in the height. And instead of the soul I cast into Her the power which I have received from the great Sabaoth (the hosts of Heaven), the Good, who is in the region of the Right.’”

“‘This [power], which from the beginning I brought out of myself, I have cast into the First Commandment, and the First Commandment cast a portion thereof into the great (inner Heavenly) Light, and the great Light cast a portion of that which it had received, into the five Helpers, and the last Helper took a portion of that which it received, and cast it into the Mixture. And [this portion] is in all who are in the Mixture, as I have just said unto you.’”

“‘Lo, I have then put on my Vesture, and all authority hath been given me through the First Mystery. Yet a little while and I will tell you the mystery of the universe and the fulness of the universe; and I will hide nothing from you from this hour on. I will tell you all mysteries from the exteriors of the exteriors to the interiors of the interiors. But hearken that I may tell you all things which have befallen me.’”

“‘O Mystery, which is without in the world, for whose sake the universe hath arisen, – this is the total outgoing and the total ascent, which hath emanated (originated) all emanations (original sources) and all that is therein and for whose sake all mysteries and all their regions have arisen, – come hither unto us, for we are thy fellow-members. We are all with thyself; we are one and the same.’”
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