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Plant-Based Nutritional Fitness with Clean Machine’s Geoff Palmer (vegan), Part 1 of 2



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On today’s show, we will hear from natural bodybuilding champion and vegan, Geoff Palmer, and go beyond the vegan stereotype of needing a huge amount of protein to build muscle. Geoff Palmer is the founder and CEO of Clean Machine, a plant-based, all-natural, fitness nutrition company.

The sudden joy of walking out of the darkness of depression enlightened Geoff. He realized that “happiness” wasn’t what one got out of life, but what one gives to life. “And my higher self just spoke to me and said, stop harming the animals. You know you don't want to suffer. You're glad that you're no longer suffering. The animals don't want to suffer either. So, it just was automatic. I quit drinking, quit smoking, quit doing all animal products in one day, it was just, it was done.”

Geoff has since dedicated his life to informing others about veganism and nutrition. “The first thing that people ask me when they find out I’m vegan is: ‘Where do you get your protein?’ My response is something that usually leaves blank faces which is: ‘The same place that you do.’ And they are like, ‘No, I eat meat’ I said, ‘Yes, but that protein doesn’t come from that animal. All protein is only made by plants.’ The question that then arises is, ‘Why are we feeding all this plant nutrition, the vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein, carbohydrates and fibre to an animal and then killing the animal and taking all of its plant nutrients?’”

Our most gracious and beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai is unconditionally committed to save all those who give up the barbaric habit of meat-eating. Please repent and change to the compassionate vegan diet. “Just turn vegan, U-turn, and everything else will be wiped out. I will have the power to do that. I will wipe out everything. Whatever they have done before, it will be all forgiven. But I need them to cooperate. That’s all. Just turn vegan and repent.”
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