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Venerated Mahavatar Babaji (vegetarian): Immortal Saint’s Eternal Love, Part 2 of 2

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In 1989, during a lecture in Hsihu, Taiwan, also known as Formosa, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of Mahavatar Babaji’s spiritual vibration. “Yogananda’s Grandmaster wanted to visit Yogananda’s Master. But because the Master was too excited, when He returned, He couldn’t find the Grandmaster, Babaji. Babaji hid in the sunlight. His vibrations were very subtle. Yogananda’s Master was too excited, so the inner vision was obstructed. He did that to Himself. Understand? Babaji was in the sunlight, and you couldn’t see Him. He was masked by the sunlight.”

Paramahansa Yogananda’s own encounter with Babaji upon the eve of His sacred mission in the West is touchingly described within its pages. At the time, Sri Yogananda was sincerely praying to God for blessing and assurance on His journey ahead. Then, Mahavatar Babaji appeared at His door in the form of a young man. Babaji explained: “Kriya Yoga, the scientific technique of God-realization, will ultimately spread in all lands, and aid in harmonizing the nations through man’s personal, transcendental perception of the Infinite Father.”

In 2005, while speaking with one of our Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared important information about Mahavatar Babaji. “Babaji was one of the disciples of one of my Councils. (Oh!) There are 50 Councils, remember I told you? (Yes.) The 16th Council was here, was on earth before. No, no, I mean on a planet earth, some other earth, not this planet. And He was one of His chief disciples. And He attained 120-degree enlightenment instead of 100. Like Fifth Level, He got 120 when He left the planet. And He now resides in the Astral region. So, He can materialize any time into the physical body, any time, and He can stay as long as He wants, because He is in charge of taking care of the Astral and the physical region right now. He is the chief. So, He can appear and disappear, of course. His whole group is in the Astral! He can live in both worlds because He’s in the special mission.”
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