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Celebrating Christmas and New Year with Our Animal-People Companions, Part 1 of 2



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During this festive period, it can be fun to include your animal-people companions in the celebrations. We love to be included in family activities and to really be regarded as members of the family. You could invite them to be a part of family portraits and other photos, including ones taken for family Christmas cards. Some animal-people will enjoy dressing up in whimsical costumes such as Santa hats, or even wearing reindeer-people antlers headband.

Guess what? We also love to receive gifts, so you could buy us a present too. We all love to be spoiled and to feel included. I’ve also seen animal-people companions have so much fun with another very unique gift: the gift of “you!” Step 1. Find a big box that you can hide yourself in. Step 2. Cut out the bottom of the box. Step 3 is optional: You can wrap the box in wrapping paper. And, finally, step 4: Hide in the box, and let your animal-people companions try to find you in there!

You could remind your furry family members how much you love them, not only by telling them but also by showing them! But I do encourage all viewers to please remember that all of us animal-people have different personalities. So, observe your animal-people companions and see what they like. I would love to tell you a mighty secret.

One thing we animal-people love the most is for our family members to be happy, content and peaceful. Billie Dean is a wonderful animal-people communicator who has communicated with animal-persons since she was a little girl. “Please tell humans to grow up and to evolve into the better species. They have the seeds, the kernels – this is what they say to me – human beings have the seeds, the kernels to be beautiful, but they’re still stuck in these what I call the third dimension, they’re still stuck in these dark ages. And we have to grow up; we have to move, we have to change. It means shifting what we do. And one of those things that we have to change is of course eating other animals. So that’s the first thing.” We very much want a peaceful, blissful, vegan world for all humans and for all animal-people big and small.
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