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The Intelligence and Spirituality of Plants and Trees, Part 2 of 2



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Did you know that trees are connected by a complex hidden underground network? The trees’ root systems, called mycorrhizal networks, act as neural networks that transmit messages. The fine, hair-like root tips of trees connect together with microscopic fungal filaments to form the basic links of the network.

Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has this message to share with us about trees. “Some trees are at a very high spiritual level. You have no idea. The Fifth Level. Some trees are very big and very spiritual. That's why many people meditate under trees. They feel good there. Some parks have smaller trees. Even though they're not at a high level, if they're at the Third Level, they already make us feel good. They stand there to protect the world, to stabilize our world, and to provide oxygen. They absorb CO2. It's a way to absorb (bad) karma and give blessings.”

In one of Professor Simrad’s interview sessions she states, “Our worldview is wrong. We view the world as this bunch of parts, and we think we can dissect it all and put it back together the way we want and expect it to work. But it doesn’t work. Many Aboriginal people view the trees as their people, just as they view the wolves and the bears and the salmon as their relations. We’ve got to get back to that.”

Let’s now conclude our show with this important message from Supreme Master Ching Hai. “The trees are helping us. Now we must protect them. They have been protecting us all these hundreds, thousands of years, so we and our children, father, mother, relatives, friends, can live and breathe and survive. And now they are in danger, because of humans’ pollution, and not caring for the planet. So, we must help them now. We are vegan, it’s a very big help. We also tell others to be vegan, to protect all living beings on this planet, so that we can continue to live. Also, we return their kindness, in gratitude. Also, we thank you for our children, and grandchildren, great-grandchildren, because we have to protect the planet, the trees, the ocean, the river, not just for us, not for our children, great-grandchildren, but, because we learn now to be more compassionate, more loving and kind to all beings.”
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