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About the Bogomils from “Mouth to Ear”: Interview with Professor Damian Pophristov (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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We are honored to have Professor Damian Pophristov with us again, as he continues to discuss his research findings. “In ‘The Secret Book,’ Jesus Christ does not call it exactly ‘rebirth,’ but says ‘coming back,’ when each soul must learn its lesson and find another such higher soul which has already undergone these tests to lead him to what Jesus Christ calls ‘perfect humanity.’ Subsequently, it becomes clear that under perfect humanity, He means the Universal White Brotherhood. They are highly purified and on a universal scale are responsible for two things: Truth and Love. At different times, among different cultures, They come down to Earth to correct or guide people in the right direction of a life connected with the Divine reality. The Bogomils repeated it centuries later in a slightly different version: ‘No matter what happens in your life, rejoice, fellow, because this is your chance to correct what you did wrong before.’ Free will is in the Divine plan. The third point is very important: this is the presence of the feminine energy, absolutely equal to the male from the very beginning. This is the so-called Wisdom of God, or Sofia.”

The Bogomils preached equality in poverty and a modest, simple life that included keeping a vegetarian diet and avoiding alcohol. They were known as keen missionaries and traveled extensively to teach their form of Christianity, healing the sick as they went. “He (Boyan Maga) consecrated 21 of his future Bogomil apostles in the new doctrine, and the spread of the Bogomil Doctrine began. It reappears on the surface, so to speak, in the early 20th century with the teachings of the spiritual Master Beinsa Douno, known by His secular name Peter Deunov. Izgreva is the place where the White Brotherhood gathered. It preserves the basic spiritual principles of the Bogomil Doctrine. It is also a modern teaching that is already widespread in almost 130 countries around the world.”

“Adding 700 makes 2021, i.e., we are contemporaries of the emergence or rebirth of this Bogomil spiritual impulse, which began already in 1247. A new era is coming in humanity in which prejudice, racial, class, ethnicity, will disappear. And to know the power of love, they must know themselves as Divine creatures.”
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