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“Eating Our Way To Extinction”: Interview with Director Otto Brockway (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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“Eating Our Way To Extinction” is a powerful documentary about the alarming reality facing our planet. Today, we are honored to invite Otto Brockway, the writer, co-director, and producer of “Eating Our Way To Extinction,” to introduce this eye-opening documentary.

“The message of the film is actually a very simple one, and that’s that we essentially, as individuals, have the power ourselves to create such a huge change, positive change in the environment, simply by switching from animal-based proteins to plant-based proteins.”

“This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.” “This planet is our home, and it is up to us what happens now. History has shown that when we stand together, we can achieve great things. The clock is ticking.”

“I think one of the main intentions for wanting to make the film was seeing the science that was very solid from some of the world’s most respected intellectual institutions around the world.” “But when you look at science coming out of Oxford University, where they say in developed countries, we need a reduction of meat and dairy by around 80% in the next few years if we are to keep below the Paris Climate Accord – that’s a huge shift.”

“This is a really serious subject that scientists from the world’s most respected intellectual institutions are trying, at the top of their voice, to get everyone to listen to. And so, that was one of the reasons why we made the film, because we also wanted to appeal to the older generations as well. Because we don’t have time to wait for the younger generations to be older; we’ve all got to change – change now.”

“And so I’m hoping that policymakers and other scientists that may not know so much about the subject can watch it, and learn, and be inspired by it. And I think that’s one thing that’s been really, really, I guess, fulfilling for us, is seeing the positive response. The film’s made it to the top of most of the streaming platforms, which shows that people are talking about it. A lot of people say they just didn’t realize the extent of how much animal products damage the world.”
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