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Coming Together to Celebrate Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 4 of 10

Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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The ninth program is a song from New Zealand. The song means “(Have I Told You Lately?” “Have I told You lately that I love You? Have I told You there’s no one else above You? Fill my heart with gladness Take away all my sadness Ease my troubles, that's what You do For the morning sun in all its glory Greets the day with hope and comfort, too And You fill my life with laughter O Lord, You’ve made it better There’s a love that's Divine Like the Sun Like the Sun At the end of the day, We should give thanks and pray To the One)” “Beautiful! Beautiful voice.”

The next one is a song from Singapore, and the song is “Thank You, My Love.” “(Mother, You’re like the ocean, So vast and mighty. I love going to the seashore, where I can enjoy Your company, where there are no sorrows, only beautiful dreams. I watch the seagulls glide through the sky so blue, wondering if they will find their homeland too. Let us pray that the world will be brighter and together return to the embrace of our mother. Eyes that hide Your fatigue have given us new hope. Thank You, my Love. Let us together create a beautiful paradise. Let us forge ahead with all our valiance, however far and hard the way may be.)” This song is so sweet. And the song means that the children thank the mother for protecting their home, the same as we'd like to thank Master for taking us back to our own Home. It's a beautiful paradise.

So now comes a very exciting Thai dance. A traditional Thai dance called “Rum Klong Yao” (long drum dance). This is for music, Thai music and Thai folkdance. We use this as a rhythm for a special occasion, like a birthday or some traditional custom. When people feel happy, they want to shout, they want to sing.

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