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Plant-Based Treaty Initiative - the Climate Save Movement, Part 1 of 2

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Dr. Anita Krajnc is a Toronto-based animal rights activist with a Master’s degree in political science and environmental studies, plus a PhD in politics. She co-founded Toronto Pig Save in 2010 and helped grow it into a global network called Animal Save Movement. In 2020, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented the Shining World Compassion Award to Dr Krajnc for her noble endeavors to save the lives of our precious animal co-citizens, together with a loving gift of 15,000 US dollars towards her noble organizations.

Dr. Krajnc believes that to solve the climate crisis there are two incredibly urgent tasks which need our utmost attention; firstly, to end livestock raising, and secondly, to reforest the Earth. To tackle this vital task Dr. Krajnc coordinated and created the Plant Based Treaty (PBT) initiative, kicking off the campaign on 31 August, 2021.

The three core principles of the Plant Based Treaty are: Relinquish, Redirect, and Restore. “Principle one is Relinquish. No new deforestation for expanded livestock raising industry. Principle two is shift from livestock-raising to plant-based food to solve the problem. The third principle is Reforest the Earth, because that would not only reduce emissions, but you could actually absorb emissions, absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

“Around 80% our land is now used by livestock raising, whether that's farms, slaughterhouses or to grow animal feed. So we have to halt the expansion and then reverse this figure because it's alarming, and we cannot continue to keep going in that direction because we won't have a planet left.”

Anita points out another crucial action is for governments to stop subsidizing livestock-raising operations. This has created a false impression of economic profitability in the livestock-raising sector, and contributes directly to the global climate crisis. We certainly do need governmental support to help farmers build sustainable plant-based agriculture. Anita goes on to say that having a “meat tax” can push the drive toward plant-based agriculture.

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