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Guarding Health with Innovative Wearable Devices, Part 2 of 2

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Wearable medical technologies have been transforming healthcare at an unprecedented pace in recent years. Smart glasses can be extremely valuable to healthcare professionals. Smart glasses can save physicians time for data access and recording. Based on the results from Dignity Health's Ventura Medical Clinic in California, USA, the implementation of Google Glass’ hands-free solution has improved human connection and the quality of care: direct patient care time has increased from 35% to 70% and daily EHR data input time has decreased from 33% to 9%.

And smart glasses can play a key role in orthopedic surgeries. Pixee Medical, a France-based leading surgical navigation solution provider, has developed the cutting-edge Knee+ Augmented Reality navigation software for total knee replacement surgery - a very complex procedure. The first Knee+ assisted total knee replacement surgery was successfully performed in June 2020.

For people with limited mobility, smart glasses can be supportive too. Munevo, a German startup helping people with disabilities by offering them independent mobility and self-determination, has developed the Munevo Drive system that allows users to control their wheelchair by delicate head movements and voice commands.

A virtual reality (VR) headset is a smart device worn on the head that enables the user to experience a simulated 3D environment. Embodied Labs has assisted more than 100 institutional subscribers, including senior care providers, schools and government aging agencies, in making caregivers more effective, empathetic and motivated.

The population of aging people is steadily increasing globally; thus the need for healthcare services to be continuous, holistic and proactive is on the rise. For example, Nuubo’s wireless wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) system uses adjustable silver textile-electrodes to perform 24/7 remote cardiological monitoring for patients treating their chronic heart condition at home. Powercast, a pioneer of wireless charging, and Liquid X, a manufacturer of metallic inks, have jointly developed a solution to simplify the production of smart textiles that withstand laundry washing.

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