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Transforming Entertainment for a Changing World, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s program, we’ll present some of the changes occurring in the entertainment industry due to COVID-19 and climate change to adapt to and overcome these crises. The pandemic is changing the way the film business operates. With recent advances in technology and the rise of streaming services, people now have easy access to numerous shows with the click of a button, and are able to enjoy their favorite movies or series on mobile devices. Releases of new titles are now made available online much sooner than in the past and some are even offered concurrently on the big screen and through on-demand streaming.

COVID-19 is also changing the way filmmakers and producers create content by using new technology to overcome lockdowns, restricted travel, and social distancing. With limited numbers of crew members and access to only certain locations for filming, the adoption of new virtual production technology is greatly accelerating.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also been a catalyst for change and has accelerated the teaching of virtual production in media schools. Professor Gail Katz of the School of Cinematic Arts, the University of Southern California is one of Hollywood’s biggest movie producers. She created a step-by-step tutorial video called “Making the Virtual Production: An SCA Faculty Demonstration” to assist student filmmakers in making movies and TV shows remotely by using the virtual meeting platform Zoom.

The streaming of live sporting events is also adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19. Producers are bringing the games to viewers through the use of 5G sim cards and the cloud. The UK TV sports service Sky Sports reports that since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have aired more live netball games than ever before.

The new way of recording and producing films caused by the pandemic has resulted in certain positive effects such as optimum use of resources, improved productivity, more economical systems, and reduced carbon footprints. The new normal is expected to stay permanently for the TV and film industry.
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