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Hares and Rabbits: The Moon’s Sacred Companions, Part 2 of 2



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The earliest known examples of the three hares motif were discovered on paintings in Buddhist cave temples in China dating from the 6th and 7th centuries. Later on, the three-hare motif travelled west along the Silk Road and reached the Middle East and Europe, where it became widely associated with Judaism and Christianity. There the three hares represent the Holy Trinity, the doctrine that God exists as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Well, the Moon also greatly affects the behavior of our whole population. As we snowshoe hares forage and feed mostly at night, to ensure our safety we must adapt our routines to the changing phases of the moon. Furthermore, our breeding cycle is also connected with the Moon.

Oh, we snowshoe hares are also called “the varying hares” because we shed our hair twice each year. In winter our pretty snow-white coat helps us blend in the snowy landscape to keep us safe. In summer, our rusty-brown fur blends well with the rocky terrain and forest floor. Our molting process is triggered by the seasons. However, climate change is causing the snow to arrive later in winter, but we can’t alter our genes to match these new weather patterns.

With unprecedented speed and magnitude, climate change is disrupting all that we have come to know in the natural world by damaging the planet’s vital ecosystems, causing a major loss of biodiversity. We need to reverse this destructive trend by stopping the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions: the animal livestock industry. If our human co-inhabitants switch to the benevolent vegan lifestyle, the majority of greenhouse emissions will be stopped, climate change will be contained, and the ecological harmony of the planet will be restored, just as Supreme Master Ching Hai has been kindly advising us to do for decades. “By now, scientists have warned us XXXXX times, many times, repeatedly, by evidence – that vegan is the best, most effective way to reduce global warming, reducing or stopping climate change, stabilizing it, is good for all of us, human and animal tenants. Yes, we are just tenants of this world house. No right to damage it without being fined heavily.”

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