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Shining World Caring Award Recipients: Kind-Hearted Efforts Creating Loving Havens for Wombats, Part 1 of 2

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Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary was founded in 2004, and is dedicated in helping injured, orphaned, and traumatized wombats. Each year, more than 300 wombats in need of urgent care are brought to the sanctuary in rural New South Wales, where Ms. Stepan works more than 18 hours a day nurturing up to several dozen rescued wombats. Adorable by look, wombats are solitary territorial animals by nature. Donna and her team make every effort to prepare the rescued wombats to be eventually released into suitable areas in nature.

Since its founding day, the sanctuary has successfully rehabilitated more than 700 wombats. For those wombats that would have difficulty surviving in the wild, the sanctuary provides a safe permanent home. In 2017, Donna Stepan received the prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia for her selfless service to the welfare of one of the nation’s most adored animals.

For Donna’s untiring dedication for the care of the precious wombats, our Beneficent Supreme Master Ching Hai “thankfully present Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary the Shining World Caring Award plus US$15,000, with heartfelt love, praises and gratitude.”

“This Award is presented in recognition of your tireless efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating these shy and vulnerable creatures and preparing for their release back to the wild. Your unconditional love heralds a new era of empathy, making our world a kinder home for all. Sleepy Burrows not only saves animal lives, but also serves the community by educating groups about conservation, empathy, and the importance of protecting our biodiversity by living in harmony and sustainably. For your untiring, selfless commitment, for being a wombat warrior passionately campaigning for animal justice, and for your benevolence and wisdom, with much appreciation we praise the great compassionate deeds of Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary and its saintly founder, Donna L. Stepan, OAM. May Heaven forever smile on you and all involved. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings in God’s Grace, Supreme Master Ching Hai”

“Thank You so much. Well, it’s allowed us to be able to finish the Wombat Hospital studio which we’ve been raising funds for close to two years, That is invaluable to the sanctuary! And after 15 years, it’s now a reality.”

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