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Being Guardian Angels for Each Other, Part 2 of 2



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Your small, kind actions may save a person’s life. Such is the case for our first story from Texas, USA. Since 1984, Mr. Marcos Perez, a Shining World Compassionate Hero Award laureate, has been donating platelets every two weeks. As of March 2021, he has donated 962 times, totaling more than 450 liters, and saved about 3,000 lives, according to Ms. Ashley Frolick, the communications specialist at South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. Initially, his action was inspired by Tony Aguilar, a coworker of Mr. Perez’s father. In the 1960s, there was no blood bank. Mr. Aguilar was the one who rolled up his sleeves for a transfusion to save Mr. Perez’s life when he was born prematurely. When Mr. Perez reached the age that allowed him to donate platelets, he started his good deeds to pay it forward.

In a January 2, 2006, lecture in the UK, Supreme Master Ching Hai elaborated on how we can make miracles for others. The following is an excerpt. “Just think good for others, do good to others, and that’s the miracle that you are making every day. You are the miracles. You are the miracles for other people, for yourselves, for the less fortunate. That’s what Heaven is made of. We comfort them with our thoughts, with our speech, with our loving kindness. So, we have a chance to do that every day. Maybe just 50 cents to a homeless for a warm tea, maybe one pound for someone else who is sick and couldn’t work. Something like that.”

Being of service to those in need is in the heart of Mr. Jim McIngvale, the founder of Gallery Furniture in Texas, USA. This February, an unusual winter storm hit Texas. The severe weather event forced the state to adopt a rotation of power outages. This caused thousands of Houston residents to stay home without electricity for long periods of time. The outside temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius. Without hesitation, Mr. Jim McIngvale opened his mattress showrooms to shelter hundreds of people in Houston and offered them hot food.

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