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The Stone Painter, Part 1 of 4

Language:Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))


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Welcome to Part 1 of our drama entitled “The Stone Painter,” written and performed by our Aulacese (Vietnamese) Association members. It’s a story about the filial noble lady Ngọc Lê who set out to find a magical remedy for her father’s illness, only to discover a panacea more wonderful than anything she could ever ask for. Please enjoy.

A long time ago in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), there was a district chief named Mộc Ân. Being a man of integrity and honesty, he was respected and loved by his citizens. The official has only one daughter whose name was Ngọc Lê. Unlike other young ladies of the same age, Ngọc Lê loved to study literature and poetry. She especially liked to practice kung-fu, a hobby she considered beneficial for her health.

Young lady Ngọc Lê was very concerned about her father’s health. For the past few years, the district chief Mộc Ân suffered depression of which there is no cure. Since his wife passed away, he’s become even more pensive and reserved. Your sincerity touched God and Buddha. Travel to the South and seek the stone-painting Yogi, then you will find the remedy for your father’s illness. "Dear Father, Please forgive me for leaving home for a while. It’s for something, and I would like to explain it to you later. I promise to be back within three months. May you have all the health and safety. Yours sincerely, Ngọc Lê"...

"Are you OK, elder?" "I’m OK. Thank you." "Please rest. We will help you." "Ah, do you know where the... the..." "The witch Tâm!" "Where does the witch Tâm live?" "Ah, we’re going in the same direction then. If you don’t mind my humble dwelling, you’re welcome to stay overnight." "Thank you, elder."...

"Greetings to you! I am the witch Tâm. What do you want me to help you with?" "Painting on stones... Do you know where this Yogi lives?" "This Yogi is very powerful. I could not make out where he is. But my brother may be able to help you. You will need this ruby to meet my brother at the Rose Cave. I can not reveal any further." "But this is a precious item!" "When its purpose is fulfilled, it will return to me on its own." "Thank you, elder lady!" "The woodman whom you helped is my husband. I’m just repaying your favor!"

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