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Four Seasons, Part 2: Lively Serenades of Summer Nights



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Welcome to “Four Seasons, Part 2 of 4: Lively Serenades on Summer Nights.” Our band of frogs take charge of the opening act. Our song serves as the Overture for the nocturnal symphony. When we start singing, we breathe in and then close our nostrils and mouths; the airflow in our lungs triggers our vocal sacs which expand and amplify our notes. Our neighbors seem to think that we are equipped with built-in loudspeakers! We must belt out our distinctive songs since the females will distinguish and only answer the call of males of their own species. The ladies have a preference for the loudest-singing males, so we tenors, baritones and basses must sing quite a powerful tune to attract their attention!

The toads, our not-so-distant cousin residing on dry land, also have a part in the romantic nocturnal opera. So, if you hear their characteristic croaking sounds emanating from the land, you will have met our jazzy cousins rehearsing their serenade – just like we frogs do, except we perform ours on water.

In this musical hall, frogs and toads are the opening act preparing the stage for the nights’ headline act! Yes, the divas will soon take the stage, and when the majestic owls soar into the spotlight, their hoots will indeed complete the symphony with music and mystery. Owls are mostly nocturnal animals and each impart a distinctive repertoire throughout the night. An owl will generate unique hoot to express specific intentions, such as to claim a territory, or to attract or communicate with a mate. A bonded pair of owls will often engage in a romantic duet, particularly during given phases of the moon.

Another staple of summer is the loud yet comforting and seemingly unceasing chirps of crickets! In fact, the higher the temperature, the faster they chirp, and their volume can reach over 100 decibels! Male crickets produce their tunes by raising their wings to a 45-degree angle and rubbing the sharp edge of one wing - the scraper - against the file-like wrinkles on the other wing.

Each species sings their own repertoire, and the harmony of their high-pitched thrills and low-pitched hums produces quite an orchestral on these enchanting summer nights!

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