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Between Master and Disciples

Moving Towards a More Conscientious World, Part 9 of 9, Jun 6, 2021

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You read all the Peace News Scrolls that your brothers prepared, and you know we have more peace than ever before. (Yes, Master.) That is very lucky for us already, that God is more merciful somehow. All the Saints and Sages put all the power together somehow to help. And vegan energy, also some help. And our prayers, some help. Everyone, every little thing, helps a little bit.

Very few people are truly getting enlightenment on a higher level. (Yes, Master.) The rest are just repeating or saying whatever they are supposed to say or they should say, that’s all. Just to look good, sound good, but they don’t really understand deeply because the level is still very low.

If you are nearer to the border, then you are just influenced by the next country as well. (Yes.) You are far from the capital because you are at the border. And very difficult for you to see the president, because he is in the capital. If he talks in the capital all the time and you are at the border, you cannot see him, cannot hear him. (Yes, Master.) Well, except now we have radio and television, but still not as often. Not every time a president speaks, you can hear, you can see, because they don’t always air. If you are not there, you don’t hear, you don’t see. Just like when I’m talking to you many things, we will edit, so the outside brothers and sisters, they don’t hear what I am saying to you. Not all of my speech. (Yes, Master.) Like that.

This world is like that. Just like hell is like that. And Heaven is like that. (Yes, Master.) Or if you go in a supermarket, then you know it’s like that. The supermarket has cashiers, has people, has many aisles, and you can go and choose what you want. That’s a supermarket. And if you go to the airport, you know what the airport is like. If you go to the barbershop, then you know the barbershop is like that. You go to the hairdressing shop, you know the hairdresser shop is like that. If you go to the gym, you know the gym is like that. And if you are in this world, you know this world is like that. It’s a mixture of goodness and bad. A lot of bad, and influences the good as well. (Yes, Master.) So each corner of the Universe has its own character and its own function.

So even Kṣitigarbha Saint stayed in hell, but He cannot help all the hell people. (Yes, Master.) Or He still has to watch on. They are punished and tortured down there, but He couldn’t do much. He just stays there and helps what He can, but little, whomever He can.

Jesus came, and He helped some, His followers. And the Buddha came and He helped His followers. That’s why the Saints keep coming, going, and screening out whomever They can help. But not all. (Yes, Master.) I’m trying to help all, but not sure if I can either. We use our television, that will be more spreading already, more widespread. So more people will receive it, and more people will benefit already. In the old time, just maybe a handful or tens of thousands followed a Master, max. Bodhidharma had five disciples. After nine years sitting, facing the wall, He had nine disciples. (Wow.) Understand? (Yes, Master.)

That’s why many Masters, They understood this. They know this world is like this, so They do what They can and rescue whom They can only. So most Masters don’t have a lot of disciples. They help whomever They can, but not the whole world. Even the Buddha or Jesus Christ, or other Masters. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.)

In Buddha’s time, they were still warring with each other. Even the Buddha could not stop it. He tried. He tried three times, but He could not succeed in stopping the war.

And Muqianlian (Maudgalyayana), He used his own begging bowl and used magic to put the two countries inside there and cover them together. And then when He opened it, there was blood inside (Oh, wow.) because they’re still warring inside His bowl. (Wow.) With all His power and magic, couldn’t help.

So at least our world is more peaceful now. You read all the Peace News Scrolls that your brothers prepared, and you know we have more peace than ever before. (Yes, Master.) That is very lucky for us already, that God is more merciful somehow. All the Saints and Sages put all the power together somehow to help. And vegan energy, also some help. And our prayers, some help. Everyone, every little thing, helps a little bit. So our world is getting better somehow. (Yes.)

(We are lucky to have Supreme Master Television in our lifetime, because it seems this is the widest reach that can be possible to spread Your message and Your love and Your influence throughout the whole world. So I think we are very fortunate, and hopefully, it will just keep on expanding.)

Yeah. It’s true like that. Because when people listen to the truth or the logical reason, not all of them will understand or accept, but some will. (Yes, Master.) And the more widespread, the more chance that some people will get it. (Yes.) Some people are good somewhere, and if it reaches them, then they will waken. They will wake up. And it helps. Although it’s very slow for my liking. You know, I want everything now. But this world is like this, I told you already. (Yes, Master.) Just like a Mercedes car is like that. And another car, like the Cadillac, is like that. You cannot expect all the same like the Mercedes. (Right.) Even though it functions, but it’s different. Different shape, different function, different style, different speed.

So we are in this world. We do what we can to help this world before we leave it. We should leave it better than when we found it. (Yes, Master.) And definitely we’re doing that. We have more influence than we can imagine, because invisible and visible. Visible we can only know a little bit here and there like that. There are more that we don’t know. We don’t have evidence to show. (Yes, Master.) Some I told you, that is very little. Tip of the iceberg, not even. Some other influence we don’t see, we cannot know. Not physically, because there’s no evidence. But we influence a lot. Not small. And invisibly also. (Yes, Master.) So, be happy, try our best. That’s all everyone can do. Try your best. Any more?

(Thank You, Master, for everything and please take care of Yourself. You are doing Your best already, we pray that You continue to be healthy) Yeah. (for all of us.) OK. All right. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.)

No more? Girls? Boys? (No, Master.) OK. Then… You have questions but I don’t feel like I’m up to it now. Just these things only. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Your questions maybe another day. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I also wanted to read you stories and all that, just to cheer us up, but it’s difficult for me to go back into, like, making up and dressing up. I cannot. I don’t like to do those things. Especially now I have a choice. Maybe someday I will just read you a story without video. Would that be OK then? (Yes, Master.) We have a lot of photos, you can put up one or two. (Yes, Master.) It becomes Supreme Master Radio, then.

It’s better already! In the old times, you had to travel across the sea and mountain in order to see the Master. By foot or by horse. (Yes.) Ka-bum, ka-bum, ka-bum, and then hurt your bum. Nowadays, you can just sit on your own bum and listen. Already very good, no? (Yes, Master, it is.) Yeah, we’re just too picky.

Nowadays, we even have telephones, we can talk to each other, and still say, “Oh my phone is not up to date. It’s not the latest yet. So…” Blah, blah. But be careful, just keep using, don’t keep changing phones, because the material to make iPhones, to make telephones are very costly. Very rare substance. (Yes, Master.) So, in India they are still trying hard to produce them. Or China also. The world depends on that for communication. Either phone or computer. They have some substance that is very precious. Otherwise, the phone will not function without it. Very little, very thin, but we depend on that. Not just the wires and the electricity, but some substance. (Yes, Master.) Wow, this kind of substance, they are miracles. Otherwise, we could not communicate by iPhone (Yes, Master.) or computer.

All right, my love. As long as we live, we shall do our best to help this world that we live in. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Just like Kṣitigarbha was trying His best to help people in hell.

OK. Love you! (We love You, Master.) God bless. (Thank You, Master.) God love and God protect all of you. And I thank you. (Thank You, Master.) (Take care.) Bye for now. (May God protect Master.)

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