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Selection from “Truth by God,” Part 1 of 2

Language:Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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Zen Master Lương Sĩ Hằng was born in 1923, in Bình Định, Âu Lạc (Vietnam). From a young age, He always felt an urge to renounce worldly attachments in search of the Truth. In His 30s, due to an auspicious affinity, He met the Grand Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu and was accepted into the meditation method called Wu-Wei Mystical Science of Buddhism. After the first three months of diligent practice, He had many extraordinary experiences. Ms. Kim, a devout spiritual person and disciple of Master Lương Sĩ Hằng, was chosen by God as a medium to transmit His divine message. The book "Truth by God," originally written in Aulacese, also known as Vietnamese, contains questions and answers transcribed from conversations between God and practitioners of different religions and spiritual schools.

“In the near future, the world will undergo dramatic changes that will lead mankind into a new cycle of evolution according to the operational process of the universe. Therefore, I see that My symbolic presence on Earth is necessary to guide humanity through this new cycle and adhere to the scheme of the celestial mechanism.”

“Because God judges that His symbolic presence on Earth will support more positively and effectively the evolutionary progress of humanity. Indeed children! God is omnipotent, omniscient and He runs all things according to His own will. However, His Divine will is not only realized in the plane of non-being (the invisible plane) but also in the plane of being (the visible plane). Now, God judges that His presence on the visible plane will make His plan easier, smoother, and support better the realization of His Divine will.”

“But you should know that God's power must be used in concordance with the universal law of evolution, such that all living beings and things will have the opportunities to learn and progress. If you wonder whether to help humanity evolve, God only needs to exert His power and perform miracles that instantly bring man from the state of ignorance to the state of clairvoyance, it is feasible. While it is not a difficult task for God, He does not act that way. God does not learn on your behalf. God does not progress for you. You must learn in order to understand! You must proceed in order to arrive! God only supports and helps you learn and evolve. You have to take initiative, taste, and experiment, so you can understand. The lucidity you acquire is the result of a process of hard experimentation and research. That is the law of evolution!”

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