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Catching the Sun: Innovative Developments in Solar Power, Part 2 of 2



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As we progress in the Golden Age of Technology, many prototypes of solar-powered cars are already available. One remarkable example, a new sleek-looking, three-wheeled solar car, was launched by Aptera Motors in San Diego, California, a company that manufactures solar electric vehicles. The Aptera solar car is powered by a specially designed system that combines solar and electric energy.

Sono Motors, a company based in Munich, recently presented the next-generation prototype of its revolutionary Solar EV – the Sion – at the international tech event CES 2021. The Sion features 248 polymer-based photovoltaic cells integrated into body panels across the car, including the bonnet, roof, and doors. “With the Sion we enable people to do much more than just drive from A to B.” “With the Sion you can easily share its energy with other EVs [electric vehicles], power tools, even your own home, making it a mobile power plant.”

However, poor weather conditions have been among the obstacles faced by solar cars until now. Fortunately, Lightweight, a company in the Netherlands, seems to have come up with a way to overcome this challenge. Lex Hoefsloot says, “This moment represents a new era of driving. Two years of dreaming, thinking, and working hard have led to this milestone, which is a giant leap towards achieving our mission of making clean mobility available to everyone.” “Even [when] faced with zero sunlight, heavy winds, and below-freezing temperatures that require heating the entire time, Lightyear One still guarantees around 250 miles (402 km) of [driving] range.”

Last of all, we’re extremely proud to present a truly amazing creation by a 24-year-old self-taught engineer and inventor from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray, a student at the University of Sierra Leone, came up with the clever idea of building a solar-powered car made from trash and scrap materials. After three years of work on its solar-powered engine and features, the car is now up and running.

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