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God and His Glory: Selections from “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna - Chapter 2, In the Company of Devotees,” Part 2 of 2



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“NEIGHBOR: ‘Why has God created wicked people?’ MASTER: ‘That is His will, His play. In His maya there exists avidya as well as vidya. Darkness is needed too. It reveals all the more the glory of light. There is no doubt that anger, lust, and greed are evils. Why, then, has God created them? In order to create saints. A man becomes a saint by conquering the senses. Is there anything impossible for a man who has subdued his passions? He can even realize God, through His grace. Again, see how His whole play of creation is perpetuated through lust.’”

“NEIGHBOUR: ‘Sir, is it ever possible to realize God while leading the life of a householder?’ MASTER: ‘Certainly. But as I said just now, one must live in holy company and pray unceasingly. One should weep for God. When the impurities of the mind are thus washed away, one realizes God. The mind is like a needle covered with mud, and God is like a magnet. The needle cannot be united with the magnet unless it is free from mud.’”

“NEIGHBOUR: ‘Then householders, too, will have the vision of God, won't they?’ MASTER: ‘Everybody will surely be liberated. But one should follow the instructions of the guru; if one follows a devious path, one will suffer in trying to retrace one's steps. It takes a long time to achieve liberation. A man may fail to obtain it in this life. Perhaps he will realize God only after many births.’”

“NEIGHBOUR: ‘You just referred to the instructions of the guru. How shall we find Him?’ MASTER: ‘Anyone and everyone cannot be a guru. A huge timber floats on the water and can carry animals as well. But a piece of worthless wood sinks, if a man sits on it, and drowns him. Therefore, in every age God incarnates Himself as the guru, to teach humanity. Satchidananda alone is the guru.’ ‘What is knowledge? And what is the nature of this ego? “God alone is the Doer, and none else” – that is knowledge. I am not the doer; I am a mere instrument in His hand. Therefore, I say: “O Mother, Thou art the Operator and I am the machine. Thou art the Indweller and I am the house. Thou art the Driver and I am the carriage. I move as Thou movest me. I do as Thou makest me do. I speak as Thou makest me speak. Not I, not I, but Thou, but Thou.”’”

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