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In Celebration of Be Kind to Animals Week - How to be a Gracious Host for the Animals, Part 3 of 3



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When wanting to nurture and attract wildlife to your garden, balcony or patio, it’s important to remember that animals can sense the energetic feeling of the home and that many animals will be attracted to more harmonious, uplifting and kind vibrations that they feel being emitted.

“That is what causes the happiness or the sorrow of our life – the energies; the negative energy or the positive energy. Now the vegan diet is benevolent, so it will bring you happy energy and that in turn will breed more happiness, will attract more happiness and when you’re happy, everything will be better.” We animals also like to support and assist humans with their benevolent and noble actions. “And this unconditional love and peace will lead us all to a true heaven on Earth.”

“All the animals are concerned about their environment and what human beings are doing to them. And everywhere I go in the world, whether it’s in Thailand, I am working with tigers and elephants, or in South Africa, I am working with lions, with baboons, penguins, sharks, cheetahs, all of the endangered species are concerned about the humans. They’re waiting for us to get it together.”

“Their language is shorter, they don’t talk a lot. Except on the inside.” It’s a wonderful habit to remember that animal and insect visitors ranging from the tiniest spider to a big stray dog, or a small grasshopper to a large deer can visit with messages for you. We animals know that you humans may not hear the message that we bring, but having an open heart and greeting us with appreciation can act as a loving bridge that may help you to connect with us more deeply and perhaps even aid you to begin to receive some of the tidings that we bring.

Food such as corn, lettuce, oats, frozen peas, and grapes are healthier alternatives to bread. Ducks tend to be drawn towards foods that float on the surface. It’s also a good idea to remember that feeding ducks should be done sparingly. The food should be thought of as a snack, not the main meal. It’s important to remember to not put any rubbish, chemicals, medications or left-over food into the drains at home as these could end up polluting the water and even affecting local creeks, rivers, canals, and estuaries.

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