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Craig Goldblatt (vegan) – Leading a Life of Purpose, Part 1 of 3

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Today, we are privileged to feature the internationally esteemed Mr. Craig Goldblatt. Mr. Goldblatt is a public speaker, motivational coach, and trainer for businesses, organizations, charities, non-profit organizations, and individuals around the world, helping them to connect with their true purpose and amplify their personal impact upon the world. Craig is also a compassionate philanthropist and the founder of Giving Africa, a charity that built the Bethel Secondary School in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries, to empower and support 800 students.

He has spoken over 700 times in the last 15 years, and through his talks he infuses his audience with positivity, inspiring them to be their best selves and to consider their own life’s purpose. “Who are we? Above that, you have the highest level of change of all, which is our purpose. What’s our purpose? When you go above us and you want to serve the rest of the world, you have your reason for living beyond yourself. Those of us who connect to our true purpose on a regular basis, we draw so much power from this feeling of clarity that it’s surely worth the challenging and emotional life-long journey to find our real reason for being here.”

What prompted Craig to make the transition to a vegan diet which has since become such an important part of his life? “Seven years ago I started practicing a little bit of yoga and I learned from some amazing nutritionists about the power of our food in our bodies. And then I watched ‘Cowspiracy.’ And I watched ‘What the Health.’ I watched ‘Game Changers.’ I just saw, suddenly, my belief systems went from a meat eater, eating a bad diet to just realizing neurologically, physically, psychologically I’m no different to any other sentient being on the planet. I’m no different to a cow, to a dog, to a whale, to a dolphin, there’s no difference. And I’d been conditioned to eat meat. I think we’ve just been conditioned so heavily into eating what’s been put in front of us and we don’t even question it.”

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