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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Omari McQueen – Divinely Inspired Young Vegan Chef

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At the dawn of this Golden Era, numerous angelic children and youth are helping to elevate the world into a vegan Eden on Earth. Omari McQueen, the youngest award-winning vegan chef and vegan entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, is one of them. Omari had to learn how to cook for his brothers and sisters at age 6, when his mom fell ill. Inspired by a PETA UK video about the suffering of animals at the age of 7, Omari was determined to take up veganism as a lifestyle and vocation. As he turned 8, Omari began to invent his delicious vegan snack menu and to host vegan cooking shows on YouTube. Soon after he founded his widely loved vegan dip enterprise Dipalicious of which he is the chef, the CEO, and the founder. "I want to do kids ready meals for children. And I want to bring people together for food without harming animals. It’s just me who has to like, show the world that veganism is a good thing to have. And it helps you with your health. And it helps our environment as well."

The now thirteen years old Omari has received the TruLittle Hero Award for being an Entrepreneur Hero before the age of twelve, the Compassionate Kids award for using entrepreneurial talent to help animals, and the Proud and Gifted Award for being a vegan chef and a youth empowerment speaker. He has motivated his whole family to become vegan. His big brother spends holidays volunteering at Dipalicious and vegan events such as London Veg Festival.

Touched by his purity and love, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Cheerfully present Omari McQueen the Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$10,000 for his loving and kind endeavors, with gratitude and best wishes for continued success. May you and your loved ones be forever blessed in Divine grace.” "Thank You, Master Ching Hai for this check. And I really love it. The way I will use that money is I would buy my own food restaurant, get making my children’s ready meals then it’s all sorted."

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