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“On mange Afrique ! VEGAN”: Presented by Chef Ayaba Galbas (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Ayaba Galbas is from Marie-Galante, one of the islands that form Guadeloupe, an overseas department of France. An Afro-vegan gastronomic designer and holistic consultant, Ayaba is passionate about Caribbean, Indian, and traditional

In August 2018, Ayaba Galbas published her first book 'On mange Afrique! VEGAN,' which translates to 'We Eat Africa! VEGAN.' "It is an e-book, available worldwide, called 'On mange Afrique! VEGAN.' In this book I worked on the preparation of 24 plant-based and gluten-free recipes. We have a lot of gluten-free cereal choices on the African continent. It’s a mixture of traditional African recipes." Beautiful photographs illustrate succulent recipes that are simple and easy to make, as readers discover cuisines from the African culture and way of life, as well as from elsewhere.

Ayaba Galbas tells us her most important reason for becoming vegan. "Simply because I consider that we are what we eat, or at least we become what we eat. In the Ital concept, which is the Rastafarian diet, we consider that if we eat corpses, flesh, anything that is meat, we will become, we tend to become corpses ourselves, or at least dead flesh. The idea was to be able to regain vitality, and really be in this spectrum of an inner peace, of a path sincerely inclined towards peace. I think what we eat also impacts our state of mind, our morality, our mentality, our energy.”

How can veganism be promoted in Africa? “It is passed on through education, as always. The biggest challenge is education and ##passing on (that knowledge), and that starts from childhood.” In 2009 during a conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai answered a question on how best to deliver the SOS message on climate change to young people…

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