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New Year’s Eve Ghost Stories, Part 6 of 8, Dec 31, 2020

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So, we have to do everything in the middle way. We have to not do anything in the extreme. I think that’s the best because we have to consider others around us. Consider others who have less than what we have, under any situation.


 “‘So, she went and found the rabbi and told him everything that she saw. And then the rabbi asked the husband to come to him and the husband confessed everything. He said, the husband said, ‘Yes, rabbi, everything you heard is all correct, it’s like that. I have another wife, but she doesn’t belong to the human race.’ So then the rabbi gave him some kind of…’” How to say “bùa” (talisman) in english? (Talisman.) I know, I just forgot… “‘some kind of talisman (Yes.) to protect him from people.’” Sometimes the magician or the priest gives people something to hold on or to wear, so to defend from the negative force or some negative ghost, or something like that.

“‘So he gave him one of these talisman kind of papers, and gave it to him and told him that… and he wrote many names of the saints on it and then wore it on his neck. After a while, this really had an effect, and he could never be so intimate with that ghost wife anymore, and then finally he abandoned her.’ Everybody was all ears and the ghost continued saying, ‘Many years already. Many years passed and then the jeweler passed away. Before he died, the ghost wife came to him and was crying big tears and told him, ‘Please, darling, please have pity on many of our young little children. Don’t make them become homeless.’ So then the ghost, she used all her charm, smiled and all that at him and sat next to him, and then hugged him, embraced him until he agreed to let this ghost wife and the children stay in one part of the house. That is the basement. They are staying in the basement now. That’s where they stayed up till now. And many, many more years passed.’” Wow, the ghost lived long.

 “‘All the people died; they are still there. Many, many more years passed, and the whole of Poland had to endure war, chaotic situations, refugee situations, and all that. And during the killing time of Khmelnytsky in Poland, all the family of the jeweler had been killed and died. None of them survived, none of the family of the jeweler survived. They all had been killed and died.’ So then the ghost concluded thus, ‘We are the only ones that are left from the family of the jeweler, so this is the rightful heritage for us. So, we are the owners of this place because that is from our ancestor, from our father and ancestry.’ After the ghost finished telling his story, the present owners of the house stood up and also aired their complaint. They said to the court officials, ‘Your honor, we bought this house with our hard-earned honest money, so we are the rightful owners of that house. On the contrary, this group of ghosts, just invaded the house, so they cannot be the rightful owners. Also, they are not humans. They should not live among humans.’ After the court heard both sides of the story, they met, and discussed the story.”

“And afterward, the chief of the court officials had a verdict like this, ‘Yes, we observed that these people, the humans, have bought this house, completely according to the law, so the ghost group has no right at all concerning this house, cannot stay here. And moreover, when the ghost wife asked the husband to leave them some of his possessions, she did not use the lawful way. She used kind of a tricky way, charming him or seducing him in the ghost way - evil way. And also, there was no evidence of any kind to show that this ghost was really the wife of the dead jeweler. So, this group had no right at all concerning this house, to stay there or to claim it. Besides, this is a place for humans to stay. It was not a wilderness.’ So, according to the decision of the court, the Rabbi Yo’el sincerely, passionately requested all the ghosts to please leave the basement of the house, and they had to go somewhere in the wilderness, somewhere without humans living, to find a place to stay. So, all the ghosts obeyed this court case decision as well as the rabbi’s advice. So they moved. Since then, the people who lived in the house did not have any more problems, anymore weird happenings, or any weird things happen in the house anymore.” Also, no more story now. OK. (Thank You, Master.)

Oh, my God. Everywhere we have war in every period of time on Earth. If not war there, then war here. That war in Poland lasted more than ten years and many, many people died, just died for nothing. Because the Ukraine people were there and then they fought with Poland. Ukraine didn’t want Poland to control them so they made a revolution. And then fighting with each other from 1648 until 1657, almost ten years. A lot, a lot of people died. It’s almost like ethnic cleansing. It’s very sad. Our story of the world, of the Earth, is really a sad story (Yes.) if you continue reading the history. We have not learned much since ever. Since forever, we war, we kill, we possess. So, we cannot blame the ghosts in here, can we? Yes? (No, Master.)

Sometimes you go through the official channel, it doesn’t mean that you will get the attention you need, or the judge or the just decision that you need from the law either. (Yes, Master.) Our world is much still the world of the strong. The strong oppress the weak; “If you die, I live.” This kind of world. And I don’t know how people continue this trend of life because it’s useless. Sooner or later, we will all die anyway. What for fighting so much for this and that, for the house and for the land or anything?

All those in the story; the humans had the right to live in the house, to own the house because they bought it with their own rightly earned money. Still, the ghosts were also not at fault. (Yes, Master.) Because there is a common law that if a man and a woman stay together, and even have children together, then they are family. They are rightly a couple, even though they don’t have an official marriage certificate or a marriage of some kind. There is a common law. They call it common-law wife, common-law husband.

In the old time, we didn’t need to tell anybody that we’re married or we didn’t need any marriage certificate. It’s more complicated nowadays. That certificate makes more complications because if you want to be free, get out of it, oh, that’s another trouble! You have to go to the court again to declare that you don’t want to be together and only if the other partner also agrees to divorce. Otherwise, there’ll be more trouble. And then the children; who goes to whom? And how much money for each and all that. Oh God. What do we do? What are we doing in this world, to each other and to ourselves? And call ourselves civilized and all that.

To be honest with you, the ghosts here, they had more right than many others in our world, humans, who find any way just to rob somebody else blindly, legally or not. And always the stronger side wins. Almost like that. Just like many people, they live in a very free country, they don’t treasure it. They abuse the freedom. They do all kinds of things to make trouble for the country, for the government, for the police, because they’re free to do what they want in certain countries. Until they don’t have it anymore, and then they do the same again, also protest. Protest the un-freedom and then complain that the government doesn’t give them freedom, it’s not democratic, and all that. And when they have democracy, when they have freedom, they don’t use it wisely. (Yes, Master.) And making more trouble, trouble, until the government has to change their tactic and become like a more controlling body in order to keep the society in order, in peace, so everybody can continue working to earn a living, not every day having trouble on the streets or destruction on the street, and broken doors or broken glass of the businesses. And people don’t dare to go out to open their shops and cannot go out to work because traffic stopped and because of danger of the protestors or whatever that is. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) So, that is not right either. (No, Master.)

And in some countries, they don’t have the right to even protest. (Yes, Master.) So, they also have so-called peace. They have also peace, but then also under suppression. That’s also not right. So, we have to do everything in the middle way. We have to not do anything in the extreme. I think that’s the best because we have to consider others around us. Consider others who have less than what we have, under any situation. Even in the free country, sometimes they don’t always have this justice. The court and the police, the one on the side of the law, are not always fair and just either. It depends also on the location and who is the judge, who is the police, also like that. It’s very difficult to live in this world, isn’t it? (Yes, Master.)

I feel sorry for humans all the time. Many things happened without justice. Many people live in fear, even in the country of freedom. I heard recently some country during the election, one party keeps threatening the other party members. And making them fearful to identify themselves as belonging to what and what party. I read that in the newspapers. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) That is not right. And that’s supposed to be the most democratic country in the world, or at least one of the most. And people are fearful to identify themselves as a party member of what, what party. They are fearful to even show their ideal, their opinion. Everyone is entitled to have a choice, and an ideal choice of what party they should belong to or support, and what president they should support and believe. But using fear tactics like that; it is not right.

And it happened in many countries, not just one. Even the most so-called free country, it has this kind of thing, that people are stalking each other to write down their ID, so that they can identify who is the so-called “enemy.” The other party is not your enemy. Doing like that, you divide the country, you divide your strength, and then the enemy might win. That is the thing. And then you might lose your freedom before you even know it, because you broke it, because you ruined it, because somehow you make it damaged. You know, like if a house has a hole or something, then snakes or insects and others will come in and will harm you. (Yes, Master.)

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