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Healing through Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy: Interview with Stephanie Riseley, Part 2 of 2



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On today’s program Stephanie explains the brain’s various levels of consciousness. It’s in the deepest state, called theta, that we can access our unconscious beliefs. Stephanie helps clients reach the theta state through hypnosis. “So, there's many levels of consciousness. I'm talking, and I'm in beta. You're listening, I'm talking, that's beta. Then alpha, (the) alpha wave is a slower wave. And that happens when you're driving and you're thinking about something and you miss your exit on the freeway. And then theta happens when you're engrossed in a movie, for instance. I get you into a very deep theta state, by progressive relaxation.”

Stephanie uses hypnotherapy to help her clients lose weight, stop smoking, or eliminate obsessive thought patterns that create anxiety and anger. She starts by encouraging them to improve their physical health. Deep-seated beliefs and habitual thought patterns can sabotage our happiness. Stephanie helps her clients live happier lives by teaching them to reprogram the brain. “Okay, so reprogramming the brain is really about giving the client or someone the information that they need to see how their brain functions. So, there are neural pathways in your brain; there are things that can trigger obsessive-compulsive disorders. And there's all kinds of obsessive-compulsive disorders that you can overcome. You have to understand how the brain functions, what the brain needs.” “We all like to live in groups of family constellations. So, you have to go and find a way to accept who they are, and not expect them to be who they're not.” “The Dalai Lama says, you know, we're only on the planet for 80 or 90 years. And if, in that time, you can find a way to make other people happy, then you have found the way to create your own happiness.”

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