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Golden Age Politics: Australia’s Ms. Kathy Divine (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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On today’s program, Ms. Divine tells us more about her latest book, “Golden Age Politics: Inspired, Ethical Politics for a Peaceful, Thriving World.” One of the reasons Kathy wrote this book was because she was so impressed by some of the current vegan politicians. She tells us about some of the people who have inspired her the most. “Maneka Gandhi from the Indian parliament, she’s an amazing leader. She’s also running animal sanctuaries and doing a lot of charity work.” “I also think the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is doing fantastic work at the moment.” “And in Golden Age Politics, the whole idea of it is to have a vision, even if you don’t win.” “Because you may not win the first time that you’re a candidate, but you're bringing that vision into the world and, you're just creating the first steps towards ethical leadership in politics.” “With the crisis of climate change and all of the other environmental emergencies, with the pandemic, and all of the issues that are really pressing humanity right now, if there is no basis of a plan for the environment, for climate change, if the leaders are not up to the task of dealing with that, if they are not sharing the vegan message as the biggest solution, they must step aside and let people with the required ethics take charge and quickly get into place the necessary things that we need to create ethical leadership, and to stop the pandemics and to stop climate change in its tracks.” “‘Golden Age Politics’ came about from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s slogan, ‘Be Vegan, Make Peace’. So, the book has a very simple message that is all around ethical politics and around Master’s message of ‘Be Vegan, Make Peace’. So, we first need to be vegan, (then) we can go into politics with our vegan values and create world peace.”
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