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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 1 of 8

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On the eve of the New Year, 2020, our multi-talented Association members celebrated the new year in the gracious presence of our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai at the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. The performers from different countries put on an array of dazzling shows to the delight of all the audience. During the program, Master announced Her exciting New Year gift to the world!

“The sacred flame lighting up the five continents symbolizes Master lighting up the world and our souls. We’re going to have the first historical New Year without the existence of maya. Every year from now on will be a year of real freedom, a future full of Heavenly energy. Our first performance is brought to you by Aulaucese initiates, called ‘Happy New Year.’ It depicts the lively scene of the coming of the New Year, the spring blossoms, and the chirping of birds with enthusiastic singing and dancing.” “Spring is here, bestowing thousands of flowers into our life Simple joy at dawn, birds chirping merrily everywhere Such beauty in the sound of laughter Lives filled with blissful love Spring brings joy to life.” “Wishing that every family celebrates the Spring with their loved ones The old year has gone, the New Year is coming Receiving good news from everywhere Welcome the New Year in auspicious Spring breeze Thrilled with many radiant song lyrics Everyone is staying happily with their family Wishing all a healthy New Year Happy New Year!”

“The people of Kazakh are regarded as the descendants of the swan. In their hearts, the swan symbolizes peace and purity. Next, let’s welcome a Kazakh folk dance ‘Swan.’” “Searching in a dream with heart agitating Longing for the swan with graceful melodies I enter into a dream of fairyland Your poetic voice is like the burning flame The breeze of love sways me gently Please don’t go, the white swan of love”

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