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The True Meaning Of Monkhood, Part 4 of 9, Dec 26, 2019

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When we come back to the world this time, it doesn’t matter what we do or whether we are Buddha or not. Within our scope of work, we respect our own lives. We do our best to respect the work we do, 100 percent. That is good enough. You don’t need to care what position you are in and what it is for. They’re all illusionary titles.

For example, there are three initiates from Costa Rica. Master paid for their plane tickets, because I know they don’t have the money. They really wanted to see me. They have very good experiences, excellent experiences. They’re very good and very sincere. Every time I went to see them, they were exactly the same. But I am rarely able to go to those countries, because I’m busy here. Here is more convenient for you Asians. If I go to America, or to Central and South America, it won’t be convenient for you. It’s not easy to get a visa and not convenient to get around. Because we don’t speak their language, so sometimes we can get lost. Many cities of the countries in Central and South America have the same name.

There’s one guy who wanted to go to San Jose. There is a San Jose in the United States, too. He wanted to go to San Jose in the USA. They sent him to San Jose in Costa Rica instead. It’s a real aviation story. I also had this problem myself. I wanted to go there, and they sent me over there, instead. Luckily, at the last second, they said, “Oh! No, no, sorry! So and so, come and sign up with us. It’s wrong, wrong! Hurry up and we’ll change Your ticket.” And then really everything had to be changed. The luggage was fine. I didn’t have much luggage. But some luggage was already checked-in. Luckily, I had the most important one with me. So, it was OK. I said, “You’d better take care of my luggage and give them back to me.” They did take good care of them.

It was a real mistake! The plane was wrong, and the time was wrong. They made me run and got me exhausted. Finally, I couldn’t run any longer by myself. I didn’t know where to go at that time. I forgot. It doesn’t matter. It just really happened. I ran halfway and I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t pull that luggage and run with it any longer. I saw a chocolate shop in the airport. I left my luggage there and I said, “Keep an eye on it! I have to go. I have to go.” She said, “No, No, No! Cannot, Cannot! Come! Come back, Come back!” “Come back, come back!” “No, no!” I didn’t want to listen. I just pretended I didn’t understand and ran away. Because I was going to be back there in a minute. If I pulled it back and forth, I’d pass out in a minute. I am small and weak.

The weakest and the smallest, yet I have to do the biggest job. God is not fair. And there’s more and more work as I get older. What does that mean? Most people retire at 60. I’m 70 already, but I have more work than before. Hes is kidding. God must be kidding. They bully me. And I can’t do anything about it. My work matters. Hes has rules. I have to do it, and I must do it well. Besides, my heart can’t let go. I can’t let go of the sentient beings. I can’t let them go. I can’t give up on humans and animals. You said you are attached to something, I am even more attached.

I’m attached to my job. I can’t let go. I can’t let go of their suffering. I can’t ignore it. I can’t say I don’t know. I can’t pretend to hear and know nothing. I can’t. I think of people’s suffering, while I’m sleeping and meditating. Sometimes, I shed tears when I eat half of my meal, and then I can’t eat anymore. For example like this. I can’t put it down, truly, I can’t. You say you are attached to your family members, your clan. I am attached to a bigger family, everybody. A very big family. I have a lot of family members. You only have a few, and you’re so attached already. Besides, my family is so big, isn’t it? I have the whole world, how can I put it down? And animals, too.

You’ve only got a few kittens and puppies. When they get sick or pass away, you feel so much pain. I have animals of the whole world, clinging to my heart. I can’t let go. Even all creatures. I truly can’t let go. Sometimes, I would say to my dogs, “We have to sacrifice. Sometimes, I don’t see you because I’m too busy working. I’m not ignoring you. You carry on with your lives. We’ll see each other when I’m free, OK? Sometimes, when I can’t see you, I can’t see you. Not that I don’t love you. But we have to sacrifice for the multitude of animals and people.” They understood. They all understood very clearly. Last time, because I had to do a retreat. I meditated by myself for a few days. I do a retreat whenever I can find time, alone.

The last time, I wanted to have a retreat for three days. The whole group of dogs came, and I said, “I’m going to do a retreat tomorrow. I need to be alone. I can’t see you guys. Please understand. Don’t be sad, and don’t think that I’ve abandoned you.” Oh! I made a mistake. They wanted to leave my place right away. They cried and made noise, and I had to get someone to take them away. I told them it was tomorrow morning. It was pretty late by then. But they didn’t stop until someone came and took them away. This is what happened.

Sometimes, they are already here, asleep. Then I’ll tell them when I finish my work. They know that they are going soon. After an hour or two later, they need to leave anyway. So, they don’t make any noise. This time I told them too soon, too early. Oh! The whole group cried and made noise. Usually they are clamoring to come. That day, they were clamoring to leave. I said, “Are you really angry with me or you don’t love me? Why do you behave like this today?” He said, “To let You be free. To let You be free and prepare Yourself.” It’s like that. Don’t think that the small dogs don’t know anything. Anything else? I’m sorry. (Yes, there’s more.) OK.

(Dear Master, I opened my eyes during meditation, and I saw Master’s portrait changing constantly.) This one? (It was changing to various images. Master, is this the so-called Master’s billions of transformation bodies?) Does it need to be asked? My God. It’s just a symbol. Billions of transformation bodies are not like that. That is the Master’s inner power manifesting in different places, with different looks to save different people. Because some people don’t know Master. Let’s say a person believes in Jesus only, but he has affinity with me and is sincere. He asks Jesus to help him in his home. If I go to him without looking like a monk and tell him, “I’ll save you”, he will freak out. Therefore, I’ll appear in Jesus’s image to help him. It’ll make him have more faith. If you have faith, you are saved. This is called the billions transformation bodies. The power from the headquarters of the Universe can manifest in different shapes for the benefit of different beings. But that’s a picture, maybe you had blurred vision. Actually, it just helps you to understand. It’s a symbol. It’s not merely a photo. When Master is here, it is like a real person, to reassure you that Master is here, to let you know, so you are happy. Master doesn’t have only one look, but many. Even a photo can change like that, just to make you understand. It’s an experience. Congratulations.

(Next question. Master, I have three questions.) OK. (The first question is when I am at work, I use my brain all the time. Master, how can I get rid of the habit of using the brain excessively?) Does it mean that he continues to use his brain after work? (Yes.) I can’t help you. Recite the Five Holy Names. Recite them at work when you can. Recite whenever you can. Also, when you’re not working. We can’t help it. We need brains, too. Otherwise, the brain will go rusty. The brain is the brain. We should recite the Holy Names. Recite when you meditate. I know it’s hard to change sometimes. That’s why we need to practice daily. Otherwise, just receiving initiation is good enough. It’s hard to change. Take it easy. It doesn’t matter. You still have faith and that is good. The second question.

(The second question. Master, in Your earlier discourses, You mentioned that it’s always the same few Buddhas delivering the sentient beings, such as Maitreya and Quan Yin Bodhisattva. It’s always these Buddhas. May I ask Master if these Buddhas were all Your reincarnations?) No, not all of Them were “me.” Give other beings a chance, OK? Some were, some were not. Like Shakyamuni Buddha, He was not my reincarnation. Some others, yes. I don’t want to say it, in case people think that I’m bragging. But not all the Buddhas nor the Quan Yin Bodhisattvas were me. I don’t necessarily have to be the Buddhas. I don’t necessarily have to shave and wear monk’s robe. I also tried this time, but I was still called to wear these worldly clothes again. It doesn’t matter. I’m still a monk. I became a monk to save people and sentient beings, not to be worshipped or believed by people. So, whatever I wear is OK. All right.

(The third question. Does every soul, born in this universe have a special destiny? For example, is the person destined to become an enlightened master? Or become a god? Or even the king of a heaven? Thank You, Master.) Not everyone is destined to be a Master, of course. Otherwise, it’s too competitive. “This is mine. I am the Master. Come over here. No, No. Go over there.” It’s not like that. Whatever we are is fine. For example, Ananda. He had been a Buddha for a long time. But he was reincarnated as Shakyamuni Buddha’s attendant. He had reincarnated as Shakyamuni Buddha’s relatives, friends, attendants, etc. When we come back to the world this time, it doesn’t matter what we do or whether we are Buddha or not. Within our scope of work, we respect our own lives. We do our best to respect the work we do, 100 percent. That is good enough. You don’t need to care what position you are in and what it is for. They’re all illusionary titles.

Even Buddha doesn’t care whether people call Him Buddha or not. Just because we respect Him, we call Him that. When Shakyamuni Buddha reincarnated, He didn’t reincarnate to be Buddha every life. He had become Buddha millions of billions of eons ago. He sometimes still reincarnated to be a king; sometimes to be an ordinary cowboy; sometimes a golden deer. Or He came back to become different beings in different positions. Buddhas don’t mind what They are. They come back to help beings. OK, anything else? Thank you. Are you satisfied? Understand? No more questions? (I just hope that my merits gained in this retreat can help me obtain the method to communicate with my inner Master anytime.) Let’s talk about it later. (OK, I will continue to practice hard.) Thank you. Communication is always there. It’s just that you don’t… I can get to you but you don’t talk.

(Next question. Master, my son has been initiated by Master and practiced hard. He’s been working in a temple, and he wants to become a monk. Master, will that affect his practice?) In a temple? (Yes.) Be a monk. No, if he wants to, then let him. He wants to be a monk, then let him be a monk. Just tell him to continue practicing the Quan Yin Method. Being a monk in a temple is also a type of work. He sweeps the floor, cooks, or cleans the Buddha statue. It is the same as working. All of us have a different job anyway, and we continue to practice the Quan Yin Method. For example, he works as a taxi driver, and he still practices the Quan Yin Method. He becomes a monk at a temple and still practices the Quan Yin Method, then it’s fine. In a temple, he can have vegan food easily, without being contaminated. It’s great. You don’t want him to be a monk because you want children or grandchildren, right? A worldly mother’s mind. Not necessary. (I am very supportive.) Good, then OK. (I am just afraid it will affect his practice.) It will not affect his practice. (OK, thank You Master.) He likes to be a monk, then let him be. (OK, thank You Master.) Let him do what he likes, just don’t let him do bad things. Being a monk won’t be a bad thing. I also want to; I like to be a nun. I want to sweep temples, and eat every day, without so many responsibilities. My mission is different. Thank you. (OK, thank You Master.) You are welcome.

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