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For the Glory of God: Segment II - From the Sacred Text of the Universal White Brotherhood, Part 1 of 2

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The spiritual lineage of the Universal White Brotherhood was founded by Master Beinsa Douno, also known as Peter Konstantinov Deunov, of Bulgaria, in 1897. Master Beinsa Douno taught that the qualities of humility, obedience, honesty, goodness, intelligence and nobility are foremost in spiritual practice. He explained that one should walk the path of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. The Universal White Brotherhood believes that God is in everything: in the stones, the plants, the water, the air, the animals, and the light. Following the principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, Master Beinsa Douno practiced and preached a vegetarian diet. The Master was also an accomplished musician and composer of many spiritual songs and compositions. Today, we will read a second and final segment from Master Beinsa Douno’s lecture entitled, “For the Glory of God.” “Thus, I say, when you see a person you shall not pay attention to the weaknesses, but to the virtues of this person. You often say, ‘I thought that you were a friend of mine, but you have such and such weakness.’ No, to understand someone we have to look at virtues because what is bad in a good person, is only a shadow in their life. Only an extremely good person can have shadows in their life. Only such a person can provoke evil to be manifested. I say, a noble character should be formed in each of you. Your souls should be widely open, so that whoever meets you may feel that you are a breath of freshness and life. Inner fullness and goodness should exist in you without any effort. You should manifest yourselves naturally in a Divine way. You should be good in your very being without wanting to be such. You should be good in such a way, that even when sometimes you do not want to be good you will still be; and if you do not want to do good, you will still be unable not to do it. I call such people good.” “Therefore, all separate units live for the common unit. The common unit is God with Whom we are connected. And all our ideas are corrected in line with this common unit. We constantly think of God, but we do not realize it and there is no need to do so. However, a sacred idea is lodged in us. When we come to a certain place we always correct our mistakes exactly according to this idea. God is the One who corrects our errors. God says, ‘Do not do this!’ and you happily accept it. There is no person on Earth who is not corrected by God. Sometimes you cry until God comes, looks at you, holds your hand and you are released from all hardships of life.”
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