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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

The Reunion of Souls, Part 1 of 11, April 27, 2000

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“For whatever reason you have come tonight, perhaps the underlying reason is that we are all searching for something. As I too had been searching, and believe I found my answers in this method of meditation. While practicing this meditation, you feel more loving, alive, happier, rejuvenated, and healthier than ever before. A natural, peaceful state is present throughout our daily lives, and this helps us to be more efficient in our daily work and being able to resolve situations that may have been previously daunting. By connecting with the Inner (Heavenly) Light and Sound, we can experience more peace and harmony and be more fulfilled in our everyday life. On a personal note, I have been fortunate to have been practicing the Quan Yin Method for almost six and a half years now. I feel I can do no justice with words to even begin to describe the beauty not just seen within but experienced daily through this meditation.” “I was overcome with joy and inspiration with everything I found in the Quan Yin booklet. Because I was already a full vegetarian, I was very fortunate to be initiated within a month. I felt that I just could not let this opportunity of a million years, or a lifetime, go. I just wanted to have it, because I knew the benefits of it, and it was so good. The day I picked up the Quan Yin booklet was the day my life changed forever and for the better. Quan Yin has brought me great happiness, joy, and inspiration into my life.” “My mom is 81, my dad is 82. They had both been very sick for a long time, and since they have been practicing, Master has been guiding them. She has appeared to them in dreams, has looked after them and even helped them heal themselves spiritually and physically. We laughed once, because mom said that they were so worried they went to the doctor to see if they were well!” “Master teaches us that we have to look inward to know who is the boss and what we need to do. Master’s teachings encouraged me to know that enlightenment is our true Nature, and that we always have it. And if we have a way to recognize it, that it will always be there. This is where I believe that the Quan Yin Method of meditation and Master’s teachings come in. I have searched for someone to elevate my consciousness or wisdom to such a point, that whatever problems or challenges I encounter in my life, I will be able to use wisdom to resolve them. And to be able to help others as well, which is a really huge focus of mine; to help others. But you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first.”
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