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Начини за печелене на Духовни Заслуги - част 4 от 4

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Now you are stronger already, do not sleep too much. If you have to, if you don’t feel well, you sleep. But if you meditate more like that, your body will be strong, your mind will be very, very, very tough, so, you know, even sickness cannot enter your body.

I am sorry, waking you up. Sorry, waking you up. Too tight, huh? It’s OK? (Yes.) Just a few days, all right? (Yes.) Every time you sit for meditation, maybe you have some questions coming up, or some answers or something nice. So I come, OK? And you can tell me, all right? (Yes.) Now, tell me. You are always laughing. You are such happy people. Are you always happy like this? (Yes!) Yeah? Wow! Wish I could be happy like that all the time.

What’s going on during all this meditation? Have you improved? You’ve seen something, you feel something? Hey! Yo-lu-lu-lu! She can sing that very well and tell good jokes. You just arrived somehow? (Yes! About a few hours ago.) A few hours ago. Did you see me? (I didn’t see You, no.) Not yet? (I just heard You.) Surprise! (It’s lovely to see You again.) Good, good! How are you? Everything OK? (Fine, yes.) How many Swiss people? (Five.) Five, yeah? Good strong five! You still work in UN? (Yes.) Yes? (In the International Labor Office.) I know. I know. You still work there? (She works for the workers’ union.) Oh! OK, OK. Say hallo to those people. No, don’t say hallo. Hallo from the heart. OK? Because I really... It’s all right, they are good people, good people.

Some of you are Third Level, but just stay at the border there, you know? Step here, Third. Step here, Second. No, not too much. OK, now?

Hey, there is some more space here. Go, go ahead. There, there, there, so people can come in. This light, move a little bit. Sorry, exercise. Hey, hey! Not the camera! Have you thought about what I told you? (Yes.) Yes? I think some of you don’t speak English. Who speaks English, raise hand? Who understands English, at least? Ah, not bad! Have been studying. I told you to learn English, no?

Anything good? (Yes!) Yes? You have good, good, good? (Yes, my question is that last night I tried to... I couldn’t meditate in here last night.) Yeah? Why? (I don’t know, Master.) Cold? (No, not much. I think my level was too low.) Well, at least you know. That’s intelligent! (I couldn’t do the [inner Heavenly] Sound.) You couldn’t what, love? (I couldn’t do the Sound. But I tried desperately for hours, but I just couldn’t do it. I tried everything that I could think of.) Then you do the (inner Heavenly) Light first. (No, but then today, it’s OK. Today I could meditate easily.) Of course! You just came, and now you already blend in. You are soaked in! Not just blend in, soaked! You know, a lot of water is soaking all of you wet! Soaking, soaking in blessing!

I have to also be careful to regulate a little bit, you know? Otherwise, too much for you! Because I am not what I was, understand? I’m not what I was. I’ve got to be also careful myself. Cause it’d be too much for you. Anybody else who has improved in these days? You have? Just like that? (Well, life. Life has improved. Meditation is balanced,) Balanced. (stable.) Stable, good! I mean these two, three days, anybody improved? Or it’s always good anyway, right? Good, improved? (Yes!) Good, good. You can sit very well, you know? Sit well.

If at home, if you sit on the floor like this, you could meditate all night. Now. Before, maybe not. Now, you can. Just put a small cushion, don’t make yourself too comfortable. (We were sleeping.) Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw you: “I meditate on the ground, but big cushion, thick, with the convertible arms.” Then, no need! Just sit on the bed or the sofa, might as well. If you sit on the ground, on the floor, meditate until you really can’t. And then you stand up, walk around a little bit, or go to bed if you really can’t. Otherwise, sit on the ground, meditate as much as you want.

You can stay awake all night, really! And next morning, you don’t feel tired! That’s the thing. It’s not like you will feel tired. And you can count your points. Say, OK, I meditate... Yeah, yeah, yeah! Why not? Why not? No, I’m not kidding! Have a small notebook: Say, meditate three hours... You know, how much points, how much points.

Yeah, yeah! Really, really! And Master’s picture, how much points. You look at the video, oh, it’s thousands of points. I have the long list, but I don’t know where. I have to look at it again. Maybe you can count points and then you feel good. At least meditation, you count how much points you have every day. Checking. Yeah, wow! I am having a lot of gain. And then at the end of the month: Wow! Pay day! Rich! Well, you try to do that, then you’ll feel more encouraged to meditate. It’s not like we are materialistic, but it helps the brain to understand that, “It really works, man! It is working! It is working! We are getting rich, you know?”

And the mind loves it! Anything with gaining and numbers and getting richer, oh, he likes that. And then it helps you, OK? It helps you. Also, it’s good to know, good to know that you are progressing, that you are really doing it. Before, you sit or not sit, nobody cares! Only the watch knows what you sit. Now you write it down, black and white, OK? And then you are going to feel really good. Then you want to sit longer in the night. All by yourself, or with another sister, brother, it depends. But sit on the ground.

Before, I said you could sit on the bed anywhere, but you were just babies. I carry you in the pram everywhere, even. Yeah, yeah: “It’s all right. It’s OK, baby. Don’t worry, you’re fine!” Now you are great, you’re big already, OK? So you do it yourself - you sit on the ground on just a simple... maybe a blanket, so that you don’t get too cold. Just a square blanket, at least, and then a cushion, or not a cushion. And just a shawl, a throw, whatever you are comfortable with. Not too hot, not too warm, just fine. Then you do meditation - (inner Heavenly) Light, Sound. Do your best, sit all night.

Are you sitting all night here? (Yes!) How do you feel? (Great!) See? See what I told you? No problem! No problem. So, when you go home, you can do the same. You do this every day. If you sit on the floor, you’ll be able to sit longer. It’s cooler on the ground always. No matter what. It’s cooler, it’s more... somehow, it makes you feel more comfortable to sit and easier to stay awake. Because if you sit on the bed, after a while, “Oh, why not just... I am just having a little stretch. I am just stretching myself out. Just two minutes, what’s the harm?” Then before you know it, it’s eight o’clock in the morning already. You don’t even know, you’ve already swooned out - before your head even hit the pillow, you’re already gone. Right or not? Am I right? (Right!)

How many times you’ve tried to sit on the bed, and say, “I am going to sit for a long, long time!” Well, it’s not your fault, it’s the bed’s fault! It’s used to having your back, not your butt. So it keeps telling you: “Come on, baby, just lie down with me, just on top. It’s so comfy, just come on, just a minute.” And then, just before you hit the pillow; you’re already gone. And then when you look at the watch again, it’s eight o’clock in the morning: “Oh, well, oh, well, I try it again tomorrow.” No? (Yes!) You know very well, eh? (Yes!) It happens to everybody. (Yes.)

Therefore, if you have a small corner, even just a small corner on the ground, you clean it up just for you. In case people walk into your house with shoes, in case if your house is not in the habit of taking shoes off, and walking with shoes, just clean the corner every night, and sit there. If you sleep there, it doesn’t matter, just sleep there. Just sleep sitting, or even lean, or whatever, but then you don’t sleep too long. You wake up a little bit later on, and you meditate again, understand? We try our best. And then you also can rest your body a little bit meanwhile. If you’re really tired, you’ll drop dead anyway. Believe me, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry that you don’t have enough sleep and if you are too tired. Because if you are too tired, your body will just lie down, you don’t even know it.

Anyway, even if you sit on the ground, don’t make yourself comfortable. Don’t prepare a long mattress, “Just in case...” Why are you laughing? (Because it’s the truth.) I know you, huh? “I will not lie on it, I just... in case!” And it’s always the case that you will lie down and sleep until tomorrow morning. It’s always the case, so don’t think it’s in case. It’s always in the case! Never mind!

So, you try to prepare your mind and your body, that, “I am going to meditate, and there is nothing you can do about it.” All right? “You see, only a cushion, so don’t even dream about lying down! It’s cold, the floor is cold.” Something like that. Then you’ll think twice before you lie down, understand? The main point is to prepare your body and your mind to listen to you. If you prepare a big cushion already, he knows you are not serious. The brain, the body, they all have intelligent cells! Do you understand? (Yes!)

You think where your intelligence comes from, where you are thinking? It is also from all this, you know? So whatever you think here, they all know. No? Nobody else has to know, just you know. All the cells, the veins, the nerves, every center, the intelligence center, are already prepared. So if you prepare like that, the big long, even thin mattress only, you know, even thin mattress, they know you are just kidding yourself. And in a minute, they will make you lie down. And then, there you are! Gone... Yeah, peaceful... Whatever level, it’s truly level! So now that you have tested your ability to meditate all night, all day, you’ll be able to.

All right, anybody has any question? Yes? (I don’t have a question, it’s just my experience. I have meditated better and better this week. I was very surprised that I didn’t fall asleep last night. I can concentrate, I have more experience in [inner Heavenly] Light, which I didn’t have before. But I don’t have [inner Heavenly] Sound.)

Oh, OK. Well, because you don’t meditate on the Sound too much, that’s why. Do more, OK? Do more. Tonight, try to do more on the Sound. Light is easier, I saw everybody Light is easier, I saw everybody sit like a Buddha, but I hardly see anybody sit like the other kind of Buddha. I hardly see anybody sit on the Sound. Do what you can. OK? But the Sound is very good for you, very good for everything, even your body, your mind. It’s very good for you. It keeps you also healthy even. Best medicine. Best is to make it a habit, then it becomes regular. But if you always sit and forget, then it’s the same, it becomes also a habit that you forget. All right?

Any other question? Yeah, if you sit longer, you will have experience. Sometimes, you sit just too short, and then the experience comes, and he’s so disappointed. He says, “Where is the Buddha?” And then keep calling on the (inner Heavenly) Light, you know, sitting there, and then the Light’s coming, and then you’re just gone! And then the Light comes, and looking for you. Too flat, cannot see! The Light is not flat, you know? He’s not used to a flat surface! He can’t find it. So OK, go back to Buddha’s Land, wait next time for you calling again, standby. Next time you keep calling, he says, “OK! I’m coming! Coming!” And then, “Hey, where are you? He was there a minute ago!” Gone, under the blanket, cannot even see anybody.

Meditation is like a shop. You be there all day, customers come or not come. Maybe sometimes they come. I always shop late. I don’t like shopping, and I am very busy. So sometimes I come in a shop very late, and I buy a lot of things, you know, last minute. Oh! They are so happy, happy! And I say, “I am sorry, you are closing now, so maybe I come back another...” “No! No! No! No! No! Stay! Stay! We open all night for you if you want.” Because I buy a lot!

So, the same. The same. Like sometimes you open the shop all night, all day, but nobody comes. And the last customer, last minute, God comes. You just sit there, be available, don’t expect anything.

Pray for grace before you meditate, and thank after. But do not thank after, just thank in between a little bit, and continue meditation, that would be the best.

Now you are stronger already, do not sleep too much. If you have to, if you don’t feel well, you sleep. But if you meditate more like that, your body will be strong, your mind will be very, very, very tough, so, you know, even sickness cannot enter your body. Understand? Yes, so try, okay? Try your best. If you can’t, if you cannot, then okay, okay, whatever, all right? I am just telling you.

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