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Историята на Коледа и Любовта на Исус - част 2 от 2



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“Many people ask me, ‘Why vegetarian?‘ Because the 1st commandment: Thou shall not kill! Everything was made by God. We have no right to destroy. If God has not given us permission, which God never had.”

“Now Jesus left our world very young. As I told you, because He wanted to set us a good example. To remind us not to cling to this world because there are other more permanent worlds in God’s Kingdom. Jesus did not refuse to die, did not reject, and did not protest because He was sure of Heaven. He always said, ‘My Kingdom is in Heaven.‘ Therefore, He set us a perfect example that we should not fear death if we have faith in God.”

“So the best thing we can do to show our gratitude to Jesus, is we try to live according to what Jesus was teaching, and try to keep God’s commandment because He says, ‘If you love me, keep my commandment.‘ That’s all He wanted. And keeping the commandment is not good for God, and not good for Jesus, it’s good for us alone! God needs nothing from us, Jesus needs nothing from us. But God knows, Jesus knows that if we keep the commandments, our world would become better and we will be more benefited, more peaceful, more happy.”

“You see, Jesus also says God will send comforters to us. That means the same Spirit will descend in different bodies whenever humanity needs comfort and needs correction in the way of life. Anyone teaches the same as Jesus, or gives us the same comfort as Jesus did; as stated in the Bible, then we should know that this is the comforter that Jesus sent to us.”

“How come so many still suffer? Must be something lacking. Maybe we were not sincere enough, maybe we do not understand properly. Maybe we were not connected inside, because we have not found the Kingdom of God within. So if we can find it ourselves, then it’s good. If we do not, we should ask. We should ask anyone who knows. Ask until we find out the one who knows. We should knock every door; knock until we find the right door, the door which opens the gate to Heaven, opens the way to Heaven.”

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