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The Animal-People Livestock Industry: A Hazard to Our Planet and Our Health, Part 2 of 2

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Statistical data from a network of NGOs, universities, and other mapping sources shows that in 2020 84,925 hectares (209,854 acres) was deforested in Acre, a state in northwestern Brazil. The loss of the forestland was strongly correlated with the cattle-people livestock. In 2013 another study, reported in; the journal Tropical Conservation Science, states that “48% of all tropical rainforest loss occurred in Brazil, where cattle ranching drives around three-quarters of forest clearing.”

In an interview conducted by the newspaper El Quintanarroense, Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals the best solution to stop climate change. “According to the latest report, animal-people farming is responsible for 51%, at least, of all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the planet. So, if we stop animal-people farming, we cut out [about] 51% of the [global warming] heat. (Easy!) And then, if we use all the tillable land, all the cultivable land, to plant organic vegetables and fruits, then we cut off another 40%, at least, of carbon dioxide that exists. The planet cools off in a few years. I mean, when the animal-people all die naturally in a few years and all the organic vegetables come in, a few years’ time, we don’t have any ‘two degrees.’ Then, we have the planet still. We can still keep the cars, trains, airplanes until we develop a better, greener technology for transportation, etc.”

Dr. Marco Springmann says that there is substantial scientific evidence about the close connection between public and planetary health: “The message is clear: without drastic reduction in the production and consumption of meat and dairy, there is little chance of avoiding dangerous levels of climate change. UKHACC is right in stressing that dietary changes of the scale required will not happen without strong policy support.”

Our Most Gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken many times about the dangers of climate change, and the simple solution is to adopt a vegan lifestyle. “Everything is good for people if they don’t eat meat anymore. So, they should also quit it for their better life, better health, better environment, and saving this Earth home for all to enjoy, especially for their future generations. If we don’t do it now, the Earth will be gone! Who is there to eat meat? The government can ask people that. The governments have to explain to people that it’s truly harmful now and this is an emergency, that people should stop eating meat. It’s not a matter of personal choice anymore. It’s a planetary life-and-death matter.”
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