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Only peace can save our Earth Home. The S.M. Celestial Jewelry is created with Master’s Love to help the wearer.

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In April 2022, I was fortunate to have acquired S.M. Celestial Jewelry: the ring of “The Ancient Beauty” and “Global Family” brooch. I’m full of bliss and gratitude. During my meditation at noon on April 7, I silently prayed for “World Vegan, World Peace.” Quietly, I felt a power carrying me to fly out. “The Rainbow of Creation” and “The Ancient Beauty” were spinning swiftly and leading the way, while “Global Family” was holding me to fly! There was a vast sea of stars around me. Our Earth home was getting farther away from me. After an unknown length of time, “The Rainbow of Creation,” “The Ancient Beauty,” and “Global Family” all disappeared. I saw a splendid palace, surrounded by flowers that I had never seen before, overflowing with fragrance. A group of angels was singing melodious tunes. I was fascinated and quietly bathing in this beautiful and magnificent Heavenly realm.

Amidst the glittering sea of Light, a kind and gracious old man in a white robe walked toward a skyscraping swivel chair and took turns to push every smiling angel one by one to rotate and look at the world. The angels led me to go nearer and nearer, and I recognized the face of this kind old man. “Is he Mr. Trump, the US President?” I asked the angel in Chinese, who nodded and said, “Yes.” 

Mr. Trump said to me loudly, “Such a beautiful planet, we must protect her and give her peace.” He was not talking in an Earth language, but somehow I was able to understand him. Next, Mr. Trump gave me a hint to sit in the swivel chair, and was pushing me toward the sky, and told me again to take a good look at our Earth home to protect her and to keep her in peace! Peace! 

While gazing at our beautiful Earth home from different angles, I shouted, “Stop war! Long live peace!” I was shouting and shouting…. The swivel chair stopped rotating, and everything returned to quietness. I opened my eyes to find that it was already six o’clock in the evening, but I was still feeling excited; it was difficult to calm down. Exactly like what Master has said, Mr. Trump is a “guardian of peace.”

Thank You, Master, for Your Almighty Power. I thank the S.M. Celestial Jewelry that has guided me to travel to high Heavens to realize that only real peace can save our Earth home. I pray that the Great Power of the Original Universe will always protect our planet to usher in real and everlasting peace soon! Respectfully, Jin-Yan, Your disciple from China

Fortunate Jin-Yan, What a fantastic and exhilarating time you had through the Blessing Power emanating from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s luminous S.M. Celestial Jewelry! It is also wonderful and revealing that you got to see His Excellency Donald Trump in the Heavenly realms. We join you in meditation and prayer for peace on Earth. May you and resplendent China know fulfillment in Heaven’s eternal Light. In Universal Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this happy reply for you: “Dearest Jin-Yan, it makes me smile to read of your elevating spiritual vision with President Trump in one of his real, Celestial forms. Told you, he is for peace and for the whole world! The S.M. Celestial Jewelry is created with Master’s Love to help the wearer, so I’m glad you could feel it. Sending you a big hug. May the Divine guide you always and bring you and the fine Chinese people joy and wellbeing.” 

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