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In today’s news, Spain contributes €2.4 million to aid Sahrawi refugees, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef undergoes alarming mass bleaching event, researchers in United States determine happiness effect of city parks, Italy building its first-ever offshore wind farm, nonprofit organization in Chicago teams up with community college to help young mothers further their education, more than half of parents and guardians in United Kingdom support additional vegan meal options in schools, and first-ever bird-people sanctuary opens in Nepal.

Spain provides humanitarian assistance to Sahrawi refugees.

The government of Spain recently contributed €2.4 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for Sahrawi refugees from the Western Sahara residing in Algeria. The donation will be overseen by various local and international organizations who are WFP partners and will help purchase essential food supplies such as cereals, vegetable oil, and sugar for the refugees. Vouchers are distributed monthly to allow pregnant women and nursing mothers to purchase more nutrient-rich foods from stores in the refugee camps. Spain is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion. Thank you, Spain, WFP, and all partnering organizations, for this contribution to assist vulnerable populations. In Allah’s uplifting Embrace, may the resilient Sahrawi people be comforted and protected as peace settles across their beautiful homeland.

Great Barrier Reef experiences mass bleaching during La Niña weather cycle.

The largest natural structure on Earth built by living organisms, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef recently experienced a widespread and severe bleaching event during a weather pattern normally associated with cooling, known as La Niña. Bleaching occurs when the water around the reefs is too warm, causing the coral to expel the tiny plankton organisms and algae living inside it, which leaves it devoid of color and often results in its death. Sadly, mass bleaching has now become a regular event, occurring four times in the past seven years, and risks collapsing the entire reef ecosystem. The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is currently assessing the possibility of adding the reef to the list of World Heritage in Danger. Our sincere prayers are for the health and vitality of the Great Barrier Reef. May all immediately switch to the plant-based diet as the most effective and beneficial way to cool our planet, in Heaven’s grace. Turn vegan now: 2 repair ur heart.

Up next, researchers in United States determine the happiness effect of city parks. We’re just going to thank the humble house cleaners who help us enjoy a sparkling clean home. We’ll return with more cheerful news after this message here on Supreme Master Television.

Hi, generous viewers! I am Byron, a vegan prince from the Black Rain Frog kingdom! In our meetings where I live high up in the South African Cape Ridge mountains, we can be heard regularly croaking about the benefits of following a healthy vegan diet. Everyone here agrees. What about you? If you notice your dog-person companion’s stride has suddenly changed, they may be suffering from a luxating patella, otherwise known as a dislocated kneecap. Signs of this include them holding their leg up, hopping on one side, or extending their leg out behind them to try to put their kneecap back into the correct position. Your furry friend will be walking normally again if their kneecap is popped back into place, which your local veterinarian can do if he or she needs help. Try to avoid this condition by performing muscle exercises with them regularly like asking them to go from a seated position to a standing one. You can also work their muscles by taking them swimming or playing in soft sand. Make sure they maintain a healthy weight and consider giving them vegan joint supplements as they age. Thank you for tuning in and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now for the weather around the globe.

Green city parks make for a better day.

Scientists from the University of Vermont in the United States recently measured the amount of happiness people gain from visiting parks in the 25 biggest US cities, and found they significantly improve people’s moods. The study collected large amounts of data from social media, and determined that visiting a park had a similar effect on a person’s happiness compared to holiday times such as New Year’s Day or Thanksgiving. It was also found that bigger, greener parks were better in creating happiness, and the top US cities in this regard were Indianapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, and Jacksonville. In view of the results, the researchers advocate that urban nature should be safeguarded, expanded, and as easy to access as possible. Our appreciation, University of Vermont researchers, for helping to confirm the mood enhancing effects of visiting parks in the city. We pray humanity continues to move closer to the loving world of nature, in the gentle guidance of the Divine.

Wind energy in Italy gets boost to help phase out Russian fuel reliance.

Italy is accelerating its wind power projects with the construction of the nation’s first-ever offshore wind farm near the port of Taranto, Puglia in southeastern Italy. It will also be the first wind energy facility in the Mediterranean Sea. The Taranto offshore farm, once completed, will have 10 bottom-fixed turbines able to produce more than 58,000 megawatt-hours, enough electricity to serve 60,000 people annually and avoid 730,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions during its 25-year lifespan. In addition, six more new wind parks have been approved to be built on land in an effort to end Italy’s dependency on Russian gas. Thank you, Italy, for stepping up to the challenge towards renewable energy. May all countries promptly transition to clean energy resources and help to mitigate climate change impacts, in God’s Glory.

United States nonprofit teams up with community college to help young mothers further their education.

Chicago-based charity “New Moms” has partnered with City Colleges of Chicago to conduct a three-year program with the goal of increasing post-secondary degree attainment for young moms. Twenty-five participants will be provided with a monthly stipend of US$500, childcare services and individual coaching while they earn their associate degree or long-term certificate. Jenna Hammond, Director of Development and Communications for New Moms, explained that succeeding academically will lessen the pressure on young moms and will positively affect the long-term well-being of the family. The program is funded by the ECMC Foundation, which is dedicated to improving post-secondary accomplishments for underserved students, as well as the state of Illinois. Such empowering news! In Heaven’s nurturing love, we wish New Moms all the best and may all participants succeed in achieving their educational goals. “Make every effort not to kill any living creature – Birds, fish, deer, cattle and even tiny insects – And strive instead to save their lives, Offering them protection from every fear. The benefit of doing so is beyond imagining. This is the best practice for your own longevity, And the greatest ritual for the living or deceased.” ~ Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche (vegetarian)

Coming up, more than half of parents and guardians in United Kingdom support additional vegan meal options in schools. Let’s take a moment to thank all past and present translators of spiritual texts whose selfless work has allowed us to gain invaluable guidance from the great Masters. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more favorable news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Responsible News for a Conscientious World.

Majority of parents and guardians in UK favor more vegan meals in schools.

According to The Vegan Society, its research has found that 69% of parents and child guardians support having additional vegan meals in schools. Within this number, 30% are completely for more vegan food options, while the remaining 39% are leaning towards it. From the survey, 46% would like to see more plant-based products, 43% wanted more cheese alternatives, 35% supported more plant-based milks, and 48% favored more whole food meals to be offered. Increasingly, schools worldwide are offering vegan options such as Meatless Mondays, or New York City’s new Vegan Fridays initiative, where, by default, all school meals that day will be plant-based with the alternative non-vegan meal only offered on request. We applaud all parents and guardians for making conscious and healthy decisions for their children and schools. In Celestial benevolence, may everyone soon choose the noble vegan way of living.

First dedicated sanctuary opens in Nepal to conserve bird-people species.

The Ghodaghodi lake in western Nepal has been made an official bird-people sanctuary by the Sudurpashchim provincial authorities. The 2,563 hectares of land protects a Ramsar site that is home to 360 types of bird-people. The Ramsar designation is for a wetland area that is of international importance and is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention. Amongst the now protected animal-people in the sanctuary are threatened species such as the lesser adjutant stork, the great hornbill, and the Indian spotted eagle. Splendid move, Sudurpashchim province, by opening this pioneering haven! May all species live in peace and harmony, in Buddha’s far-reaching blessings.

Let’s savor a bowlful of mood-uplifting hilarity with the joke that we have prepared. It’s called “Love and Marriage.”

A young boy goes to his father for a little advice.

“Dad, can you tell me what is love and what is marriage?”

“Yes, son. You see, love is one long, sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock.”


And now we have a heartline from Zhi-You in China:

The Protective Cover Master Bestows on Disciples. It’s been more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, and it has not disappeared yet. A lot of people went to get their vaccination, while I firmly believe that spiritual practitioners are different! So, I didn’t go get a vaccination but focused on practicing spiritually more diligently.

During a group meditation in the beginning of June 2021, in Samadhi God let me see the protection for spiritual practitioners: there are five beautiful protective covers outside the body! All layers are radiating Light! The first layer is as diaphanous, pure white silk-like clothes worn next to our skin. The second layer is soft, like a piece of latex, worn over the first layer. The third layer is like a golden armor as hard as iron, radiating dazzling Light, protecting our bodies. The first three layers are worn on us like clothes. The fourth layer is a dazzling aura that keeps rotating around our bodies. The fifth layer attaches to the aura of the fourth layer and appears in flickering flames surrounding our bodies. The aura and the flame ring blend into each other. The brightness and color of the aura and the light and energy of the flame differ according to the spiritual level of each person. When one recites the Five Holy Names, the Light of the flame and aura radiates outward, wave after wave. We are safely protected every day, as long as we practice spiritually with focus, firmness and earnestness!!!

Thank You, Master, for Your Blessings and Grace. Thank You, God, for Your Blessings, Love and protection. Thank you, angels, for your guarding and protection. Master, I miss You so much! Zhi-You, Your disciple from China

Shining Zhi-You, We are happy to receive your shared insights and are grateful to be so blessed by Master. If the world’s people want peace and choose benevolent vegan, COVID can quickly end, and no longer plague humanity. We pray for this day to come soon. May Universal Love unite us all and bring miracles to you and the good-hearted Chinese people. In Celestial Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master joyously replies to you: “Precious Zhi-You, you have eloquently described the many layers of Divine Light, the spiritual body, and how the Five Holy Names also shield and protect you, your brothers and sisters. I embrace you, with Love. May you and the faithful Chinese people be forever blessed in Buddha’s abundant Grace.”

Go ahead n make war: then the bloody non-vegan meal that u eat will b even bloodier.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May Heavenly brilliance be your inner treasure.

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