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S.M. Celestial Clothes – Fashion of the Golden Age, Part 4 of a Multi-part Series

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At an international gathering in Youngdong, Korea, Master lamented on the modern life we are living now. There is much material comfort but is still lacking something more meaningful. Master invited us to re-connect with our nature's gentle and poetic side. “So I do not know whether we have forsaken our poetic nature, our romantic inherent inner beauty, or what have we done to ourselves. Nowadays most of the time, we think more of finance, we think more of the material comfort than the caretaking of our inside beauty, or even our own representation outside of the inner beauty, such as nice clothes, such as walking with dignity and manner, such as talking with gentleness and sweetness. So next time if you go on a retreat, or if you come to see me sometimes, you can put on your beautiful dress, yeah? I mean, bring one, bring one, at least. It won't hurt to bring one. It doesn't have to be expensive, OK? It can be any color that you like. Just when you put it on, you feel soft, you feel gentle, you feel romantic, you feel very, very poetic, feel like a fairy, an angel, feel like we are in a celestial world.”

Evening Gowns: With multi-layers of rippling rainbow colored chiffon stitched to the sides of the dress, this ingenious design reminds us of the wings of angels. A high waistline and form fitted design compliment the lovely short jacket. A “modern” angel has just descended upon Earth!

Viscose Evening Gowns: There are several designs in soft yellow, pink, and aqua-marine. An innovative round cut in the middle of the bust lends femininity to the gown. On the outside is a waist-length vest. The vests come in two versions: the sequined vests are suitable for night occasions, and the plain vests for day wear.

Evening Gowns: Glamorous and eye-catching, this collection of graceful evening gowns is the focus of everyone's attention, highlighting the noble position of women as the Mother of the Earth.

Afternoon or Evening Wear: Supreme Master Ching Hai shows an amazing talent in grasping the accurate proportions of any piece of clothing. This design with high waistline and a flattering plaid pattern achieves the effect of lengthening the height of a petite woman.

Velvet Evening Gowns: The fabric of this gown is velvet with imprinted patterns in blue, black, green, and crimson. The neckline and the cuffs are decorated with golden lace fabric (Lurex Metallic), overlaid with an embroidery of classical design to create a three-dimensional effect.
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