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Advanced Inventions of Ancient Egypt, Part 2 of 2



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Today we will continue this journey, with a look at ancient Egyptian inventions in the fields of handcrafts, metallurgy, medicine, music, and postal systems, and also share some of the ingenious ways they managed their large, complex society.

The earliest forms of paper were made from papyrus plants by the ancient Egyptians around 3000 BC. Pottery was mass produced, and stone and clay pots were used to cook and store food. These types of cookware were popular and exported throughout the Mediterranean. Glasswork was also developed in ancient Egypt as early as 3,250 years ago. Ancient Egyptians were early pioneers in metallurgy and began collecting gold and copper around 4000 BC. With the advancement in mining techniques, bronze and tin tools were being made as early as 3150 BC.

Many medical products we use today were invented in ancient Egypt. Other ancient Egyptian medical inventions from around 3000 BC include poultice, splints, adhesive bandages, and prosthetics. Antibiotics from fungi and plant extracts were used to prevent infections from as early as 2700 BC. During this period, Egyptian doctors were very popular, as they could stitch wounds, repair bone fractures, and even amputate badly damaged limbs.

The earliest known legal system was established in ancient Egypt around 2950 BC, based on truth, justice, and the cosmic order, and where women and men shared equal rights. Pharaohs were expected to maintain order through wise rule, just decisions, and humility before the gods. Equality before the law united the rulers and the common people together, and helped maintain harmony in society, which led to a long-lasting period of peace.

Music was an important part of life for the people of ancient Egypt, and its development influenced the musical traditions of neighboring regions. Egyptian music influenced ancient Greek music and early European music during the Middle Ages. The instruments described in the Bible that were played by the Hebrews were originally Egyptian instruments, as revealed by Egyptian archaeology. Ancient Egyptians invented many different musical instruments and performed various types of music that represented their connections to art and spirituality.
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