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Heartline: Thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s precious teachings, I become a better person!

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Dear beloved Supreme Master, My name is Alfred. I am a journalist, and I live in Pointe-Noire in the Republic of the Congo. I got to know You and Your teachings when I went to Your vegan restaurant in our city.

Through these words, I would like to express how much You have positively impacted my life since I took the good decision to become vegan. This new way of life keeps on producing beneficial effects on my physical and mental health, and on my relationships with others, such that today I am at a point of no return. Thanks to Your precious teachings and Your powerful messages, I have been able to clean up my way of living in my family, community, and society. You really helped me to get out of quarrels, struggles, hatred, nervousness, gossip, and consuming alcohol, animal meat, and also animal-derived products.

I now feel strong, free and at peace, with a clear and light conscience. Master, thanks for making me a thoughtful, exceptional being who respects nature and for the teaching of compassion that will unify all cultures of the world bringing peace to humans and animals.

Here, I join in the World Vegan prayer of Supreme Master, wishing that my actions will positively influence my fellow citizens in the hope of a strong and vegan Congo.

I sincerely send many thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for being the ray of sun which has enlightened my entire being. Alfred from Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo

Wise Alfred, Our gratitude for your heartline and making intelligent, compassionate choices in your life.

Now, some words from Master to you: “Beautiful Alfred, your benevolent prayers will surely have a positive impact in your Land as well as in the whole world. So that we will have a good planet for us and later generations to enjoy. I am grateful to you, the good son of proud CONGO. Thank you for writing and letting me know that my teachings have had such a constructive effect on your life. As a journalist, you are able to reach the public with your reporting. Please inform your co-citizens about the loving vegan diet and that its adoption is of vital importance to the survival of our world. May your pen flow with truth and beauty and Divine inspiration as you work. May you and the mesmerizing Republic of the Congo always be close to God´s heart and shine infinitely in Hiers delight.”
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