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The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 3 of a Multipart Series

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Everyone has had a time for dreams; everyone has enjoyed a time of youth. But time flows like water under the bridge. Everything will fade away and become distant as a dream. What remains is our encounter with fleeting circumstances, which in turn awakens our consciousness.

“When one returns, it seems love has faded Promises of affection vanished into oblivion. In the ancient capital, a lover’s in hesitation In the high tower, another ponders her destiny!

Like tears the mist glimmers in the firmament Alluring smiles dissolving in the sound of raindrops on the pavilion. At night, one’s slumber in anguish immersed Heart throbbing like the ebbing candle.

Once upon a time, a regal robe was donned Golden gait, silver pen, a joyous union with the royal beloved. But now, the illusory dream is gone A butterfly’s fantasy, wings fluttering in the wispy nebula.

From fleeting dreams of reigning all kingdoms Castles and citadels in ruins, sorrow thus transmigrated. Alas, tender love was lost in the gushing strong wind and parting clouds Fragile flowers withered on the distant autumn hill.

Once upon a time, you had loved me Youth and beauty sweetly shared, now all is empty. In the dark black of the night, white candles waning In the flickering light manifested our previous karmic binding...

The sound of scripture chanting resonates within Holding these rosary beads, delivering detaching ephemeral life. Gradually awakened from a dream since eternity Suddenly illuminated and rediscovering our true identity.”

The yearning for love, even if for just a moment, can live on forever. Although the flower of love only blossoms once, its fragrance still lingers, reminiscent of a time of innocence. “Let us love each other Like the first time we met. Let us find one another So that love will endure... Let us remember each other As when love was new. Let us love one another Since our years are few! To be able to love you I thank the Heavens. To be able to love you Is for lives to remember. If through a lifetime We 'chance' to love someone Our hearts will be humble In the realm of true amour And forget life's transience!... I love you today Even if we part on the morrow's night I offer an eternal heart I offer my lasting love.”

When we’re in love and the two hearts beat as one, the entire world becomes insignificant. There is only the music of the two souls in perfect harmony, flowing smoothly like a sweet brook, like spring flowers, and glistening like the moon and stars. “Darling, can you see we are like a pair of swallows, Soaring in the endless sky? Can you see we are as butterflies In a spring garden fragrant with life's blooms? Can you see we are like the river, Flowing broadly toward the open sea? Because we are in love, the Earth is so ravishing, Because we are in love, the world becomes joyful! Then our souls will flourish, assured. Walking amid turmoil and misery as if in Heaven, Our hearts will not shiver despite the raging storm.”
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