Поредица за древните предсказания за нашата планета

Многочастната поредица за древните предсказания за нашата планета: Пророчество за Златната Епоха, част 170- Пророчество за Истинския Спасител от Сейши Онисабуро Дегучи (веге защитник)



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“The Savior will unify various religions and all doctrines in the world…”

Today, we’ll discover more revelations about the True Savior of the world, as prophesied by the respected Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi from Japan. According to Seishi’s prophecies in his book “Tales of the Spiritual World”:

“In the land of Toyoashihara (the beautiful name for Japan), a big snake with eight heads and eight tails, awful, disgusting devils were rampant, and they polluted mountain ridges and river waters. The Spirit of Mizu was unable to just watch the miserable situation of the people being tormented. Hes manifested Hirmself as Kamu Susanoo no Mikoto, and sent 80 brave Shinto priests and Hiers eight daughters to all directions to promulgate the teachings of the God of the Ananai-kyo religion.”

Biden, he just uses the Constitution for anything he wants, including killing babies. Morally speaking, constitutionally speaking, lawfully speaking, it’s all corrupt, it’s all bad, it’s all wrong. Actually, I don’t want to talk about all this, but what can I do? I cannot just turn a blind eye to the suffering of the innocent babies. (Yes, Master.) And then, it makes an example for other countries as well, for all the babies in the world to suffer. I have never been interested in all this mess. It’s just for the sake of the lives of others. (Yes, understand.) My heart just pains so much that I have to scream out like this. Otherwise, I mostly never interfere in anything.”

The priest should be a good example. Why molesting and harassing, or oppressing and abusing and killing little innocent children like that? I thought I read somewhere also that there are mass graves that they discovered somewhere behind some church, or some… (In Canada, Master.) Did happen, right? (Yes, Master.) Oh my God. So that means it could be also abusing and killing, to keep quiet. So all this, in front of the law! For the weak, the meek, the powerless, and the helpless innocent children, there is no law for them. But for the powerful church, the law is FOR them!

That’s what I see, and that’s not acceptable. Not ever! Never! Oh, I hate all this! I sometimes lost sleep over this, thinking how frightened the children must have been. And there’s no one there to defend them, to protect them, to do anything for them at all. I’m risking my safety to say all this on air. But what else can I do? I cannot ignore it. I cannot just keep silent.”

“The Taliban was too much, too brutal, that the international community cannot just ignore the pain and the suffering of the women there. If after 20 years, they did not change, I don’t know what can change them. OK? (Right.) I can only say a few words, however unpleasant, just hoping to wake them up. Hoping that they will be less violent, they will be more gentle on the women, and the so-called ex-enemies. (Yes.)

I have to fend for the women. Whatever I can. At least I cannot just ignore it. I cannot just like keep quiet, for my safety or for whatever precaution. (Right. Understand.) I don’t live for my safety. I live for others. I cannot just ignore the plight of the women there when it comes to such an extreme like that. (Yes.) Because I feel the suffering, their suffering, as if it’s my own. Like suppose it’s me. (Yes.) That’s why. I cannot bear it.”

From this passage, we learn of the Savior’s compassion for the suffering beings, which prompts the decision to manifest on Earth to rescue them.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi refers to the Ananai-kyo religion, where “Ananai” means that one does not take credit for anything, but gives credit to someone above, always thinking, “This is thanks to God, this is also thanks to the Master.”

“(We have produced shows for Supreme Master TV for four to five years. During those years of filming, we’ve been through a lot of miraculous and interesting experiences. Thank You for Your blessings, which made everything progress smoothly and successfully.)”

“(We applied to import vegetarian foods. And the government approved it very fast. (Really?) In just three weeks. (Is that so?) Norway is a member of the European Union and for them to approve is very difficult. It was due to Master’s invisible arrangement and blessings, things went smoothly and it’s all OK now.)”

“(Thanks to Master’s blessings, our medical group in Formosa (Taiwan) and the International Association successfully launched a website ‘Medical Vegan Union’ last month.)”

“(This book, it’s my sixth book, but I think it’s the most important one. And that book, those words and all the inspiration that came to create this book is all through Master’s power and Her love.)”


“The Savior will unify various religions and all doctrines in the world…”

“Jesus also said, ‘Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added onto you.’ The Kingdom of God is not something that is very far away in Heaven. It is here right now, and we have them all within ourselves.

And you see, Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, always told people to eat vegetarian. He even told his cousin not to eat it, ‘Ali, please don’t eat that. Don’t eat the animals because the animal quality will come within you. Don’t eat that. Don’t eat that.’”

“The Bhagavad Gita is the record of the teachings of the Master Krishna. I still look at it from time to time. If you truly understand and digest it, it is a wonderful masterpiece of wisdom.”

The Buddha has done all that, behaved like a normal king, or like an animal even, just to sow good affinity seeds with other beings. ... He has been a Buddha a long, long, long time already, but then He sacrificed His Buddhahood.”

“Guru Nanak continued. ‘This human body is the Lord’s mosque,’ the mosque, yes, ‘and through it, God is constantly calling each one of us from above, but we are asleep and cannot hear Him.’ The Granth Sahib, which is the holy scripture of the Sikhs, always mentions about (the inner Heavenly) Light and Sound.”

“Moses went to Sinai mountain, and then He entered those very thick bushes where the fire and the cloud were. And then He listened to God with all His heart. God told Him thus, ‘You, go back to tell your people these Commandments that I will tell you right now.’”

“You look at the life of Mahavira and you know. He even advised His disciples to eat not even roots, and even cover their mouth while they’re going out so that they don’t breathe in the insects and kill them even.”


I have studied almost all of the religious scriptures, and I have found myself identical with the Muslim, with the Christian, with the Buddhist, with the Jain, because only one God speaks to us all the time, but we call Hirm different names, to our own liking and culture and even language terminology. Like, Sanskrit's “Buddha” means “Christ” in Hebrew. So Allah is the Most High, as well as the Father of Jesus. We have only one Father. I hope everybody understands that. I am in accord with all religions because I have found that we have only one source of it. God is the source of all religions.”

I belong to all religions, since originally there was only one. We have language barriers, and sometimes different terminology, so we have misunderstandings, and argue that my God is better than yours, or that my Buddha is better than yours. All this should not happen, because there is only one religion, one God; one God, one religion.”

“Kamu Susanoo no Mikoto founded the Ananai-kyo religion, and sent a number of preaching messengers for the Divine work in all directions…”

In the world, Supreme Master Ching Hai guides our Association members, the Quan Yin family of spiritual practitioners. While the lay disciples also help to spread Her teachings in their own capacities, Master also sends Her messengers out in all directions to carry out the Divine work.

“All the preaching messengers of the Ananai-kyo religion are godlike men who have the virtue of goodness, and who embody the goodness of love, and the truth of faith, and who embody wisdom and realization from witness.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s disciples strive to develop the virtues of goodness and practice the way of love, truth and wisdom. These are inner realizations imparted by Master both through Her outer teachings and through the Divine Power She connects us with during meditation.

“(It is through Master that I’m beginning to learn the real love, the one, all-pervading love that is within each and every one of us.)”

“(Not only do I not desire meat, I can feel the sufferings of the animal-people before they were killed. So, it is only natural that I couldn't bear to eat them, nor do I have any desire to do so, and adopt such a gentle and pure vegan diet. It's so natural without any struggle at all. This is all because of the change from within myself and the awakening of my wisdom. I finally realize how great our inner wisdom is and how its power is beyond comprehension. I often feel amazed that a lot of things seem like they couldn't possibly be done, but I can succeed if I just do it. If I encountered problems or difficulties, I would meditate to improve my inner power and ask the inner wisdom for help. Usually things proceeded smoothly and problems are solved neatly even without my knowledge.)”

“(I am bowing to Master and thank You for giving me a life full of youthful energy, and I always love life! Since Master gave me initiation on June 18, 1999, I have always been healthy, and my love has extended to all beings. Whatever work I do, I work and sing at the same time.)”


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