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Coming Together to Celebrate Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 7 of 10



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The next song is from China. And the name of the song is “The Big Stage of China.” “Thank You, Master, for Your Love and compassionate care for the Universe.” “What a big stage, a big stage of China! Joyful tears from billions of people merge into an ocean. Magnificent are the colors of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, creating a lively painting of this holy land. Joyful is my heart, for my beautiful dream has come true! A piano spanning thousands of miles on the Great Wall plays a celestial tune of the East with Heaven and Earth singing together.” So beautiful and so sweet. (It’s not easy to perform a cappella. Without diligent practice of many years, one can hardly reach this level.)

The 17th program is a Peking opera, a cappella. “We must help Master preach the Truth. The words aren’t many but the meaning is profound. Why do cousins brave the storms and blizzards? To follow Master in saving sentient beings and spread the Quan Yin Method. I asked: What should I do? What should I be? Sisters, although we are young, we are not weak. Why can’t we share Master’s burden? If it’s a thousand tons on Master’s shoulders, Then, sisters, we should take upon us eight hundred.

I have so many relatives I cannot count. We never visit each other without a reason. Although we hardly meet, we are closer than our kith. Since I perchance come across our brothers and sisters, I recognize them all the same. They are just like Master. They all have hearts of gold.” Bravo!

The 18th program is a dance from the United States: “There is Still Hope.” “Although today I haven’t seen Hà Nội, although today you haven’t seen Sài Gòn, but in my heart, I haven’t lost faith, because our motherland will be in peace one day. Let’s strive to nourish the great love. Although today I haven’t seen Hà Nội, although today you haven’t seen Sài Gòn, but you and I both speak Aulacese. O let hatred in our hearts vanish to welcome laughter on our battered homeland.

Although I have withered in waiting, although the smiles on your lips have faded, but we shall wait unwaveringly the morrows, because one day our homeland shall be in union. The blood and bones of the two sides have touched the heart of the world. Although today I haven’t returned to Hà Nội, although today you haven’t been in Sài Gòn, but inside our hearts, there's a glimpse of a common flag. Tomorrow we shall walk through all regions. The nation's heart shall no longer carry the wounds.”
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