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Pacifying the Mind, Part 7 of 9: Questions and Answers



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When we are in very, very deep, deep, deep contemplation on God, we will see that God and us are one. We are nothing but offspring of God. We're one with God, we are Hiers offspring, we are Hiers own Self.

(How do I become Your disciple?) My what? (Disciple.) No, you don't become my disciple. You are God! You are God's disciple! I show you how to become God's disciple, real one.

(Is this meditation technique the same as the other ones? What is different when compared with the others?) I just say about ours, OK?

Quan Yin is a Chinese name for contemplating on the Word of God - means direct contact with God. It's just because I started in Taiwan (Formosa) and so they just use “Quan Yin” all the time, and it's become a habit; otherwise, it's the Word of God. This is the name, this is the meaning of it. We contact directly with this Word, like it says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And this is the Word that the Prophets contact with and we can hear that too.

(Is love in religion or religion within love?) Love is the only religion.

(I speak to God every moment. I think of God every moment. Still I cannot meditate, as if hindered miraculously. How do I transcend this?) I'll show you. Just stay a little while. After I answer everybody, I will show you.

We have to know how to calm the mind; otherwise, even if not five times praying, five hundred times still cannot, cannot hear God. We pray to God, but our mind makes trouble, our mind keeps thinking about money, business, everything, and then when God wants to talk, we cannot hear. For example, I am talking to the translator right now and if you tell me something, I cannot hear you. Even though you talk to me, I don't know that you're talking. I cannot hear you because I'm talking and thinking of this and translating and all that.

(Is there something God cannot do? If no, can He or She create another God of Him or Herself?) Yes, there is nothing God cannot do. But what for we need two Gods? We already have too many - Christian God, Muslim God, Buddhist God. If we create another one, we'll be in trouble. God is constantly creating. Hes makes different Gods all the time. (There’s only one God.) Yes. Hes makes out of Hirmself many Gods. Look at yourself. God is with you. I have explained to you already about the circle of God, and we are in it, we are part of God.

(How should a person experience him or herself? How should?) By calming his mind. After he calms the mind, the God-self will reveal, because nothing else but God. When we don't calm our mind, we identify this body as me, this thinking, talking mind all the time, ‘wanting things’ mind, this is me; it's not! “Me” is different. “Me” is one with God, “Me” is a child of God. When we are in very, very deep, deep, deep contemplation on God, we will see that God and us are one. We are nothing but offspring of God. We're one with God, we are Hiers offspring, we are Hiers own Self. We don't see the body anymore.

During a deep contemplation the body disappears completely, the whole world disappears, only God exists. Only God exists! Nobody, nobody, not even the president of the United States, not even anybody, not even yourself is there. Then you’ll know. Only one God. At that time, you really have calmed your mind.

(If Creator is single, aren't we also within it? Why then there is a separation of you and I?) We are like a fish in the sea all the time. We never leave the sea. Never! Likewise, God is all over us. We are swimming in God, we're eating in God, we're sleeping in God, we're thinking in God, we're nowhere except inside God. It's just we don't see because we're too busy. That's why the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him tells us, "Don't kill another person, don't do bad to your brothers and sisters." Because why? God is always there. Hes sees everything! You think we can do it in the dark and God doesn’t see?

We're always in God! But in order to see God we have to forsake everything - I mean, in spirit, not like you leave your family, or not like you give your possession to me. No, no, no, no. You have to really disconnect your Self, your inside soul with this physical world, then you can see God.

Actually, you should not ask me anymore questions. The Qur’an said everything already. God is always here. For example, just to clarify the statement I have just said. God has said to us, "Be a good guest in this Earth." Guest only! We are guests here. It's not real! Be a guest, that means what? OK, you borrow the cup, you borrow the house, you borrow the car, you borrow a wife, you borrow a kid, you borrow a husband - just borrow. Because everything is not real here. Our real home is Heaven.

That's why God said, “Be a good guest on Earth,” but live a rich life, live a fulfilled life, in order to live a really rich life, not money rich, rich in knowledge of God, rich in knowing we are God's children. That's what the Qur’an told you to do, and I am just here to show you how to realize that in real, not just by words, but in real! See God! See God, and then you can have a rich life. Even if you don't have money, you feel rich because you have God and see God so that you know that we are only guests here, and then we'll be nice to each other. Doesn't matter what religion, what nationality, we can only be a good guest here when we know God. We can only live a rich life when we know God.

In that sentence is enough already. Like you have to really disconnect yourself with the world, have to realize that we are guests only, so we don't attach to money, fame, profit, whatever because we are only guests here. Disconnect yourselves with the world, calmly, calm down, then contact Heaven. But it's difficult to disconnect. You forget how. I am here to remind you how, then you’ll remember. Quick, like this.

(Is the meditation the way to get to God or not?) Yes, yes! This way. Just to calm the mind. But you have to know the correct way; otherwise, you cannot calm the mind. Meditation just means calm the mind. That's it. Calm the mind. You have a word for that in Turkish? (About the calming?) Contemplation? (Contemplation, yes. Deep thought.) Yeah, deep thought! Yes! Deep thought about God that you don't think of anything else, just one thought, God. Then you see.

(There are two questions here. What do You mean by going and coming back from Heaven? What is meditation?) Yes, OK. “Going” because in a human language, if we see something else, that means we're going. For example, if I am not in America, and I am in Turkey, means I've gone to Turkey. And if I go back to America, I am going back to America. So in order to make it clear, I have to use the same language. Otherwise, if you know Heaven, you don't need me talking. So, going to Heaven and coming back means, “OK now, we are here,” right? We are here, we don't see any Heaven. Even though Heaven is always here, we don't see. So, in order to tell you we can see Heaven, OK, we leave the physical world and enter Heaven. And then when we leave Heaven, we enter the body and the physical world again, we don't see Heaven again. So that means going, coming, going, coming - just human language.

This is just the beginning, actually, this state. Later on, you'll see Heaven anywhere, even when you're driving a taxi You can hear God even when you wash your dishes. You remember again how to contact God, then it becomes easy. Some of our brothers, he drives a car, he also can experience the (inner Heavenly) Light of God. And some are housewives, she washes dishes, she can experience the (inner Heavenly) Light of God, too. But be careful, maybe sometimes you drop it. Too happy and then drop the dishes.

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