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From Rumi's Fihi Ma Fihi: Discourse 45, Part 1 of 2



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Mawlānā Jalāl-ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhi Rūmī, known simply as Mawlana in Persian and around the world as Rumi, was a poetic genius, a theologian, and an enlightened Master who graced our planet eight centuries ago. Rumi was heir to the rich literary and cultural heritage of Persia, or ancient Iran, and composed His great mystical poems in the Persian language. In addition to His poetry, Rumi’s prose works, which include the “Fihi Ma Fihi” (It Is What It Is), “Majālese Sab'a” (Seven Sessions), and “Maktubāt” (The Letters), also offer His insight and wisdom. Today, we invite you to listen to Rumi’s teachings from the “Fihi Ma Fihi,” Discourse 45.

“Rumi said: No one can judge a sword while it is still in its scabbard. Truly, the Sword of the Faith is one who defends the way, dedicates their efforts wholly to God, who reveals rightness from error and distinguishes truth from falsehood. But first they correct themselves and improve their own character: ‘Begin with yourself,’ said the Prophet.”

“God is far beyond having family or friends. ‘He has not begotten, and has not been begotten,’ says the Qur'an. You cannot say that those who have found the way to God were more God’s kin, more His friends or more closely connected to Him. No one has ever approached God except from below.”

“Nearness to God is never attained, except through devotion and submission. He is the Giver of givers. He fills the skirt of the sea with pearls, He clothes the thorn in the raiment of the rose, He bestows life and spirit upon a handful of dust, all without precedent, all without favorites. All the world receives their share from Him.”

“God is always near to you. Every thought and idea you conceive, there is God— for God gave being to that idea and thought. Yet God is so close you cannot see Him.”

“The human being is also a huge bath, and within itself dwells the heat of reason, spirit and the lower self. But once you leave this bath and enter the other world, you see the actual essences. Then you know that intelligence comes through the glow of reason, that fallacies and pretenses radiate from the lower self, and the impulse of life itself is the result of spirit.”

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