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In today’s news, Poland contributes to World Food Programme in Yemen, eastern United States is losing trees to rising seas, Spanish company introduces face masks that can be recycled, electric flying car completes test flight in Australia, US Army veteran raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s organization, plant-based frozen meal options in the United Kingdom are increasing, and donkey in Oman rescues her injured companion.

Yemeni citizens benefit from Poland’s contribution.

The internal conflict in Yemen has ruined the economy and people’s lives. Within the last 18 months, the situation deteriorated as food security dwindled due to COVID-19. The United Nations estimates that over 16 million people are at risk of hunger, with at least 50,000 currently in dire need of food. In response, Poland has provided approximately €220,000 to the World Food Programme. WFP will use the donation to distribute specialized nutrition to young children, nursing mothers and pregnant women. Many thanks, Poland and World Food Programme, for taking care of such innocent and vulnerable human beings. We pray that the strife in Yemen will stop, the pandemic will subside, and the population will see the dawn of prosperity. These are some of the dramatic changes that will accompany the arrival of World Vegan, in Allah’s boundless grace.

Intruding saltwater is killing coastal trees.

Ecologists at North Carolina State University and Duke University in the United States have been studying the deforestation taking place along the country’s eastern seaboard. For example, in North Carolina, standing dead pine, red maple and bald cypress are turning into salt marshes as sea levels rise, creating “ghost forests” and forcing ecosystems to retreat. The researchers also found that dead trees fuel additional climate change by emitting carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide long after they die. Although the amounts are relatively small, the scientists say that collecting the data is vital for the accuracy of global warming scenarios and practical afforestation efforts. Our sincere appreciation, university ecologists! Your investigations help us to understand the challenges facing oceanside locations around the world. May humanity abandon eating animals without delay so that our planet can stabilize and recover, in Heaven’s upliftment.

Up next, Spanish company introduces face masks that can be recycled. Let’s take a moment to thank the electrical and software engineers who make prepaid power reliable and affordable, especially for marginalized communities. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more beneficial news. Vegan: All good 4 the environment!

Hallo, Earth-loving friends! I’m Colton, the vegan Crested Kingfisher. Are you looking for a cost-effective diet that’s likely to lower your blood pressure and body mass index? Then your search has ended – vegan is the way to go! Here is a safety tip for those of you who own your home. Install motion sensor lights to illuminate the perimeter and especially the entrance path. You are less likely to fall at night when you can see the way. And the sudden brightness is also effective for deterring animals that may cause damage to your lawn or garden. Thank you for tuning in. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. And now, the worldwide weather.

New personal protection equipment is biodegradable.

Face coverings help limit the risk of infection from airborne germs, but disposable varieties can negatively impact the environment. Bioinicia, a manufacturing company based in Spain, collaborated with the country’s CSIC National Research Council to develop the world’s first compostable nanofiber mask, the PROVEIL BIO PPE. The material’s threads are a thousand times thinner than human hair, forming a fine net with microscopic porosity. The novel design effectually filters out more than 98% of aerosols and can be organically recycled via industrial composting, returning carbon to the soil in 22 days. Bravo, Bioinicia and the CSIC National Research Council, for creating planet-friendly face coverings. May wearers of all kinds of masks dispose of their protective gear properly, out of consideration for the planet, in Celestial oneness.

Remote-controlled race car flies through its paces.

Alauda Aeronautics of Adelaide, Australia, recently tested its Airspeeder Mk3 at a secret desert location under the supervision of the country’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The all-electric craft consists of eight rotor blades surrounding a carbon-fiber body containing a cockpit and a lithium polymer battery. A number of the flying cars will compete against each other at Grand Prix-style events later this year to promote the technology. The Mk3 can accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds, climb up to 500 meters, and reach a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour, depending on the terrain. The company’s first model designed for a pilot, the Airspeeder Mk4, is scheduled to debut in 2022. We applaud your remarkable ingenuity, Alauda Aeronautics! We pray that your success will facilitate the arrival of an eco-friendly golden age on our rejuvenated planet, in Heavenly benediction.

A woman with memory loss is grateful for her devoted spouse.

Robin Musser of Virginia, USA, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. Her husband John is her full-time caregiver and volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association to help raise awareness of the illness. For the charity’s fundraising event in June 2021, Mr. Musser decided to demonstrate his love for his wife by attempting a world record – working out for 24 hours on a Concept2 rowing machine. The US Army veteran succeeded by logging 282,981 meters and also received donation pledges totaling over US$57,000. Mrs. Musser, who cannot always find the words she wants to say, still knows how lucky she is and commented, “He’s a wonderful man.” God bless you, John and Robin Musser! In the tender reassurance of Heaven, may your beautiful relationship be a model of endurance for others facing a significant challenge.

Coming up, plant-based frozen meal options in the United Kingdom are increasing. We will take a moment to feel gratitude for our canine companions who give us more exercise, take some of our stress, and deliver unconditional blessings from Heaven. More outstanding news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: the defenseless thank u. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Enhancing News for a Long-Lived World.

Survey finds plant-based prepackaged meals more plentiful and affordable.

Eating Better is an alliance of companies and non-governmental organizations focused on reducing meat and dairy consumption in the United Kingdom. It monitors progress by conducting surveys and recently found that vegetarian and plant-based frozen meals are a rapidly growing category. And at seven out of 10 supermarket chains, they cost less than ready meals featuring meat. The association believes that food retailers have a responsibility to help the public make healthy and sustainable choices. It notes that ALDI, Co-op and Tesco have reduced their inventory of prepackaged meals containing animal protein by an average of almost 14% since 2018. Our thanks to Eating Better and compliments to UK businesses and consumers. As more citizens vote with their wallets and choose meatless products, we sense that World Vegan is on the horizon, in God’s mercy.

Smartphone video documents an animal’s loving-kindness.

On a hot summer day in Oman, an injured donkey was lying in the middle of a highway, unable to move. A passing motorist, who stopped traffic to protect the vulnerable animal, recorded the arrival of another donkey. The second animal smartly grasped one of her companion’s hind legs with her mouth and maneuvered him to a safe distance from the road. The fate of the hurt donkey is unknown, but the brave rescue has touched the hearts of many viewers on social media. Perhaps this is a lesson in compassion for people who learn and understand best by observing examples. We pray that the injured donkey was able to recover and thank his caring donkey friend as well as the gentleman that stopped traffic at this crucial moment for their life saving actions to save a precious life. We offer our profound gratitude, to benevolent Divinity, for manifesting in myriad ways to elevate the collective consciousness on Earth.

Let’s enjoy a laugh together with the joke of the day titled, “Good Manners.”

It was little Larry’s birthday, and Uncle Charlie stopped by to give him a paint by numbers kit. Larry went upstairs to open it and then came back down as Uncle Charlie was leaving.

“Thank you for the birthday present, Uncle Charlie.”

“You’re welcome, lad – no need to mention it.”

“I thought so too, but Mommy told me to say thank you anyway.”


And now we have a heartline from Tien-Hsiang in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Revered Supreme Master Ching Hai, When I watched the musicals “The Real Love” and “Loving the Silent Tears” at my friend’s home in mid-May 2020, my soul was awakened suddenly. Since then, I have been eager to watch Supreme Master Television every day, and read Master’s teachings as well as listen to Master’s CDs and watch DVDs of Master’s lectures from around the world. I have come to realize that all the previous Masters practiced the Quan Yin Method to attain ultimate liberation and become Buddhas. I deeply believe that Supreme Master Ching Hai is the true Living Buddha who can give people immediate Enlightenment and liberation in one lifetime. Therefore, our family has officially adopted a pure vegan diet since June 1, 2020. I am 67 years old this year. I am very eager to receive initiation from Master, so as to be liberated from life and death and transcend the six paths of reincarnation. Tien-Hsiang from Taiwan (Formosa)

Earnest Tien-Hsiang, Thank you for sharing your experience. We are glad that you have found the path to Self-realization by watching the two musicals based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s personal life experiences and poetry. May all beings benefit from the Wisdom of the great Masters from time immemorial.

Master has some words for you: “Awakening Tien-Hsiang, my thanks for your faith and trust in the enlightened Masters. Those under the age of 65 are more suitable for the initiation. The Convenient Method, however, is also very beneficial and available for those who cannot meet all the requirements for receiving the initiation. It is already wonderful that you are now vegan and following the benevolent ways of the Buddha. May you, your loved ones and prosperous Taiwan (Formosa) find peace, love and comfort in Heaven’s Grace.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May the light of the Providence shine brightly on your life and reveal the truth in your heart.

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