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„Истинската Любов” - Мюзикъл, който свързва сърцата, част 9 от многочастна поредица

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“The time we spend together I will always treasure. Do not forget our memory For love is the one and only. Who says the world is ephemeral? When we are together it’s eternal. Dream and life merge in unison When our souls are one. The peace within is the peace without, Heaven will be here and now! For those who found true love, Flowers of Eden bloom in their souls. We live in God, We live in men We live in happiness That never ends. We walk in beauty, We walk in bliss. We laugh, We sing’till our heart’s content. Forget me not, Forget us not. For us is all that we have got. What else is there for one to hold To fill the emptiness in our souls? The love in you is the love in me Is the love of God that never ends!”

“Once upon a time, A true peace lover wandered around the many worlds In search of eternal happiness. She walked over the face of the Earth, The Suns, the Moons and the clouds. At last, She found That it was all the while Hidden in Her very heart. Then She sat down And was about to enjoy Her new found Bliss. But suddenly She looked down And saw countless beings were still groveling in darkness. For they were searching for happiness without Just like Her before Erring over millions of ages Her tears were then rolling down... One drop, Two drops... And many more... Each drop became a shining jewel. And soon the firmament was studded with glittering tears Which are the stars today. They are too shy in the day And too restless in the night To go to sleep. For all peace seekers, The stars are there to light the way, Eternal happiness Eternal peace Eternal happiness and peace.”

“(And the production value is incredible. The last number [‘The Peace Seeker’] was beautiful, and I was in tears. I felt a catharsis with the character, and that was a wonderful moment. There are a lot of people in the world who speak like She does, but they don’t mean it. She means it. She is so full of love and generosity and kindness and understanding.)”

“(‘The Real Love’ gave the message of world peace and just to be happy and to love each other.)”

“(Bless You, Lady, for writing a property like this and sharing it with the world, and allowing us to compose music to Your poems. And this has been such a treat to do this, and I just hope it really goes to the moon, this whole idea.)”

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