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Humanity’s Leap to the Golden Era: Washington, D.C., Climate Change Conference, Part 2 of 17

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Dr. Schneider (m): “So what has the IPCC concluded? Well, they said that the Earth’s warmed up 0.75° C, 1.4° Fahrenheit, since 1850. This is not speculative. This is established beyond doubt. And that’s consistent not just with the thermometers of the world but the rising sea levels as the oceans warm, the melting glaciers, and the fact that plants are blooming earlier a couple of weeks in the spring – those that are changing – and that birds come back on migration. There’s a large amount of evidence. The rate of increase according to our theory should increase with time. That has also happened. And that doesn’t prove it, but that’s strong circumstantial evidence, and humans are part of the story. And the IPCC concluded, based on that and other things that we call ‘fingerprints,’ that human activity is responsible for most of the warming since the 1970s. This is evidence.”

“Well, our lifestyle matters. We have to be energy efficient at home. We have to make certain we are good consumers of products: that we read the labels that we buy, the energy star; that we try to get the hybrid and the plug-in cars; we use less imported food stuffs; and for me, personally, I’ve also reduced my meat consumption. I’ve lost weight and feel much better. Making significant difference matters. So, the advocacy of this organization, like eating fruits and vegetables, that’s in line with the advocacy of helping local jobs and reducing our carbon footprint. So, if you can solve more than one problem at once, well, those then get high priority.”

Mr. Torregiante (vegetarian): “I've turned into a vegetarian myself, and hopefully a vegan when it's all over with, because I know that it contributes a lot to global warming, the methane gas, from the cows and all the animals. But everybody has to get on board. It's just not me and you and 5,000 other people; it's got to be millions of people who have to join this cause.”

Glen (f): “I just am reminded how important it is to be compassionate and I understand about the importance of being vegetarian or vegan. But it’s encouraged me to share it with other people. Just hearing all of these incredible speakers today, it’s just really opened my eyes. We need to do something now. And that’s what’s so wonderful about being vegan: it can be a really… almost an immediate change.”

Student A (f): “It was definitely the methane vs. carbon dioxide, and the 1000 gallons of water it takes to make a gallon of milk, is definitely, just like a short random fact that definitely sticks out in your mind. Be veg! Go green! Save the planet!”

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