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In today’s news, Salvation Army provides flood relief in Republic of the Congo, top scientists publish alarming paper on the future of our planet, South Australia fast-tracks consumer transition to electric vehicles, scientists discover another reason the platypus is exceptional, animals in North Wales find safe haven on small family property, oat milk availability expands rapidly in United States, and technology helps humans to understand four-legged friends.

Affected populations receive urgent supplies after flooding.

Intense new-year rainfall across northern areas of the Republic of the Congo severely damaged homes, schools and health clinics. In addition to declaring a state of emergency, the government welcomed assistance from The Salvation Army and other international charitable organizations to distribute essential relief to more than 180,000 people. Nutrition parcels contained rice, beans, cooking oil and salt. Other items for health and well-being included foam mattresses, blankets, clothes, soap and mosquito nets. In order to reach all the disaster areas, eight humanitarian teams took the Congo River and another five went by land. We are grateful, The Salvation Army, for partnering with the Congolese government and nongovernmental agencies to deliver much needed help to the flood victims. We pray for the departure of unpleasant weather conditions and the arrival of friendlier skies for the comfort and safety of the country’s citizens.

Researchers draw attention to major environmental issues.

Seventeen of the world’s leading scientists reviewed more than 150 studies to arrive at an accurate assessment of current conditions on Earth, and the many steps that need to be taken to reach long-term sustainability. Their report discusses dangerous trends, such as dwindling biodiversity, climate disruption and the poisoning of the environment. The authors link all of the planet’s problems with population growth and the fact that humanity is consuming, on average, about 170% of the Earth’s capacity to regenerate itself. The experts warn that if we don’t take urgent action, “The damage will be felt for centuries and threatens the survival of all species, including our own.” Our appreciation, researchers, for this vital message. In Divine wisdom, may all people choose plant-based nutrition as the first step toward saving lives and our planet.

Up next, South Australia fast-tracks consumer transition to electric vehicles. We’ll take a moment to thank recyclable material collectors, who make scheduled stops along established routes to empty containers, sort items into designated truck compartments, and deliver them to recycling centers. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more auspicious news.

Good day, smart viewers, it’s Garrett the vegan Lesser Grison. Would you like to become a handsome specimen like me? My secret is a glorious vegan lifestyle! Here’s a tip for minimizing damage and improving the condition of your hair. Did you know that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair? That’s why it’s better to brush out any tangles before you get into the shower. While you’re applying shampoo and conditioner, be gentle as you massage them in with your fingers. After you’ve rinsed them out and your shower is over, resist the temptation to towel-dry your head, which would create new knots. Use the towel on your body, but leave your hair wet. Then use a wide-toothed comb to carefully straighten your hair. Once it’s in place, press a dry towel against your head to absorb excess water. This blotting technique will protect the hair cuticles and prevent frizz. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

Australian state wants all new cars to be fully electric by 2035.

South Australia’s government is putting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) on a fast track with the goal of halting production of gas cars and reducing emissions from the transportation sector. Additionally, the state will be converting the government fleet, public taxis and rideshare vehicles to electric by 2030. As expressed by both the Honorable Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia, and the Honorable Dan van Holst Pellekaan, Minister for Energy and Mining in the Marshall Government, “We want EVs to be mainstream and the common choice for new car purchases.” Kudos to South Australia for phasing out the use of fossil fuels. We pray that more governments will enact responsible measures to solve the climate crisis, the foremost of which is to prohibit the consumption of all animal products.

Platypus fur glows green under ultraviolet (UV) light.

The semiaquatic mammals are already unusual in that they lay eggs and use electrolocation to sense their surrounding environment. Now, researchers at Northland College in Wisconsin, USA, have found that the duck-billed animal is also fluorescent. The ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation and emit it at a visible wavelength has been found in only two other warm-blooded vertebrates: opossums and flying squirrels. Biologists propose that these largely nocturnal species developed fluorescence as an adaptation to low-light conditions. The team would like to work with partners in Australia to see if platypuses living there in the wild also glow. Our delighted applause, Northland College researchers, for your fascinating finding. We are continually enthralled by the boundless diversity of God’s creation.

Couple establishes peaceable kingdom in their own backyard.

When Ned Griffiths married his wife, Carol, in North Wales six years ago, he had a horse named Gypsy. As the newlyweds were settling into their 10-hectare farm, they rescued two kittens. Then, the smallholders adopted a companion horse for Gypsy. This is how their small sanctuary started. Carol and Ned purchased Franag, a Highland cow, to save her from being slaughtered due to her age. Not wanting Franag to feel lonely, they bought a steer to keep her company. The animal residents now include the two cows, two horses, three sheep, five dogs, four cats, 13 chickens and two cockerels. Carol says, “They feel safe here. They get to live a full life.” Our gratitude, Ned and Carol Griffiths, for your kindness to animals. In Divine magnificence, may we all show our loving care for them in every way we can to herald a more humane era.

Coming up, oat milk availability expands rapidly in United States. We will take a moment to do some pushups for strengthening the upper body, improving core stability and promoting good bone health. More brightening news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Enriching News for a Gentler World.

Major American coffee companies are offering another milk alternative.

Three of the biggest coffee-based businesses in the United States have added oat milk to their menus recently. At Dutch Bros. Coffee, the nation’s largest privately owned drive-through chain, the new option can be ordered in any beverage and is featured in its latest creation, the Oat Kicker latte. Dunkin’ launched oat milk at its more than 9,000 US locations in the second half of 2020. Multinational coffeehouse chain Starbucks has been serving oat milk in Europe since 2018 and is expected to make it available stateside starting in spring 2021. Way to go, Dutch Bros., Dunkin’ and Starbucks, for expanding the range of plant-based possibilities for your customers. In the love of the Providence, we pray that humans will embrace the compassionate vegan lifestyle and leave cow’s milk for suckling calves.

Smart devices enable animals to communicate with caregivers.

Voice recognition software has been repurposed to interpret barks and meows for humans. Korean startup Petpuls has released a collar that uses artificial intelligence to analyze a dog’s vocalizations and express one of five emotions in human language through a smartphone app. The gadget can tell if the pooch is happy, sad, angry, relaxed or anxious. It also monitors physical activity and rest periods. For those with feline friends, US-based Akvelon Inc. has developed MeowTalk Cat Translator for use with tablet computers. Through machine learning over time, the application becomes familiar with a kitty’s unique vocabulary for nine general moods or states of mind. We gratefully applaud Petpuls and Akvelon for helping people to better understand their furry angels. May all sentient beings be blessed by Heaven with the understanding and companionship they need for a happy sojourn on Earth.

Let’s have a little chuckle together with our joke of the day entitled, “Time Flies.”

“Hey Sam, I’ve discovered a way to see how fast time flies.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your method?”

“Just take out a 30-day loan.”

And now we have a heartline from Hoa Thiên Đàng in the Czech Republic:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, God Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient Tim Qo Tu, You bestowed on me abundant blessings so that I could feel Your unbelievably powerful Love, which cleansed and cooled our Earth. On that day the government ordered that all restaurants be temporarily closed and all social activities be temporarily stopped, and the citizens should stay home. After hearing this news, I was so surprised that there was a very strong power that made me calm and peaceful and it was very soothing. And at that time, I thought Master blessed me, and I was so grateful to You. But on the following days, that extremely pure and peaceful power of Love still existed. Even though the people outside were chaotic and worried, on the contrary, I felt that gentle and serene power more strong and clear. At that time, I was asking myself, why do I have this very serene feeling? And right away, I received a message: “Master’s Wave of Love cleansed and cooled the Earth.” I was so happy and grateful for the boundless grace which You quietly bestowed on all the beings on Earth, but nobody knew. And when I wanted to express the great power of Your Love in the worldly language, it was so difficult, so I wish Master understands what I mean. I am grateful for Your blessings that You bestowed on me and the whole of humanity. I vow with all my heart, mind and strength to be with You in the effort of making a vegan world for all the beings to be united in the Love of God. I, disciple Hoa Thiên Đàng from the Czech Republic, respectfully wish Master safety and abundant health, and for Master to always be the happiest and most successful Master of all time. Respectfully Yours, I always love You.

Dear Hoa Thiên Đàng, Master has this reply for you: “High-minded Hoa Thiên Đàng, through your sincerity and constant remembrance of God, you are blessed to know some of the extent of God’s Love for humanity. For example, Hiers willingness to forgive us and the boundless comfort Hes brings to those suffering. I wish you well in your practice, and my Love and support are always with you. May God bless and keep you, and the cultured Czech people well and happy, and may the beautiful Czech Republic prosper spiritually.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May the Heavens above fill your heart with love.

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