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Just for the mind; otherwise, why? There is no need for language. Just like initiation, no need for language. Whatever we perceive by the soul is the best. And it’s the True Teaching.

Hallo, everybody. (Hallo, Master.) Not bad. Not bad, still able to get up. Because my dog ran away last night, I waited all night long for her to come back. So, I was a little worried. I was afraid that she would go out to fight with other dogs, but she came home eventually. That’s why I didn’t get enough rest. Now my eyes are still half open only. I cannot see things when I wear this, but it’s all right. Are you OK? (OK.) You can also sit like this. Are boys getting fewer? Great. (Hallo, Master.) (Thank You, Master, for coming to see us.) To see you. (Hallo, Master.) To see whom? I come to see them. Why would I come to see you? Why do I have to see you? Can’t I see them? Yeah. It’s funny. My shoe’s broken again. One. Hey. Hiya. Howdy. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. Thank you. Amitabha.

What’s new? Is there any good news? Have you prepared your questions? (Yes.) Have you? (Yes. Yes.) Come here to read them. If you don’t read them, I will lecture you. There’re many things to talk about. A lot of things since my arrival. Oh! This is high enough. It’s also correct to crack some jokes. Wonderful. Have you just arrived? I’ve been ready for quite a while. Forget it. Where is the person collecting questions? Where is the question collector? Hallo? (Master, they’re with the audio team.) OK. Hurry up and bring the questions over here. What team? (They’re with the audio team and will read from there.) Are they going to read from there? (Yes.) Why do they read from there but not from here? OK. Go ahead and read. This is very good if I don’t like to show myself. If I am tired and sleepy. Very good here. Just the right size. I think each one of you would find it very convenient.

Go ahead and read. (I read a Buddhist sutra that said an ancient Buddha, called the Infinite Light Buddha, will come again to save beings. One time, when I attended Master’s lecture at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, I saw golden light emanating from Master’s whole body. It moved me to tears. I knew that I’d found the ancient Buddha that Shakyamuni Buddha had mentioned. Thank You, Master.) How can she be so sure about it? Was it written on my body? Was “the ancient Buddha” written on my body? I’m very modern. What do you mean by “ancient” Buddha? This and that all look alike. They all copy me. Very beautiful. OK. Congratulations. Congratulations. Then the more you go to Master’s lectures, the more you’ll see ancient Buddhas. But I’m very modern. Where does “old” come from? Well, I do have “mold” but nothing more. Yes, next one, please. Is there only one? (There’s another one.) The first one, stand up. The one that saw the ancient Buddha. Congratulations.

And the second one. What is it? (Hallo, Master.) OK. (Three years ago, my husband saw Master coming to my house with the sun. He told me, “Master is here”. And he passed away the next day. When he passed away, I saw a great lotus flower coming to take him. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Why are you so happy about your husband passing away? You didn’t sound sad at all. But it’s also right. He’s been liberated, and so are you. He passed away happily, and you are happy to stay. Spiritual practitioners are truly different. Any more? Any other questions?

Yeah, don’t look. It’s always the same. When I come here, it’s always crying on one side. But at home, nothing happens, nothing. Oh yeah, sometimes it happens. Like Thursday or Friday, there were 12 people coming, and I got such a terrible stomach pain. Two of the Aulacese (Vietnamese) are sick, that’s why. Are you getting better already, the Aulacese (Vietnamese)? The two sick Aulacese (Vietnamese), are you better? If you’re sick, you should not come here. Number one, you are uncomfortable, cannot sit very long because it’s not a very luxurious place. Not like a holiday place. Number two, if you’re seriously sick, you might infect other people. That’s not fair. They came here to enjoy, to feel better, not to get sickness from you. Even I, got it last time. I mean, when I was in France, one of the sisters, she got the flu and then she passed it on to me, as a loving gift. I said, “Thank you so much.” It’s just in the air. After I told her, then she wore the mask, but she didn’t wear it before. When you sit together, you touch this and that, and sometimes you meditate very well and then you just “achoo” on the neighbor.

  1. Next one, please. (No more.) Huh? (There’re only two.) No more questions? (No.) Really? (Yes.) You’re all enlightened. Wow! Then what am I sitting here for? I speak only for those ignorant people. Since you’re all so enlightened, I am going home to sleep. (No.) Huh? What do you mean “no”? Are you controlling my life? Can’t I leave? OK. Then what do I do? Sit here, wait for mealtime? It’s another four and a half hours then. Wow! How interesting. Is it OK? It is not too high? Can you see my beautiful stomach then? (Yes.) Since you want to see everything, you want to know everything, you want to hear everything, so it’s a pity there’s a cover.

So really, no questions? Wow! So, you make me work again today? I was thinking, if you ask questions, then I can keep talking also to answer your innermost quest. If I keep talking all the time… Sometimes also, during my talk, your questions are also being answered, right? Just that if you have something in your heart, you should ask. I know why you don’t want to ask, because you’re scared. Very good. You learn fast. Because if we sit here and listen to nonsense all the time, we’re fed up also. It’s OK if Master speaks nonsense but nobody else can. Did I ever say any nonsense stuff? A lot, huh? (No.) Anyway, just for the mind. Just for the mind; otherwise, why? There is no need for language. Just like initiation, no need for language. Whatever we perceive by the soul is the best. And it’s the True Teaching. Like when you do Quan Yin (meditating on the inner Heavenly Sound), you see the Voice, you hear the (inner Heavenly) Sound. No. You see the (inner Heavenly) Sound and you hear the (inner Heavenly) Light. Then you just automatically became wiser, more enlightened. It takes too long for my liking, but every day, you see a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. And then you can call yourself “enlightened saint” somehow. Some people boast that they already became Buddha. All right then. I have to read you a story.

Sometimes your questions can inspire me to talk more and for everyone else. But since you’re so scared, then keep quiet. Don’t be scared. Everyone is different. There was somebody who asked nonsense, then he got what he deserved, but if you don’t ask nonsense, then you just ask. The worst is that you just go home, that’s all. Nothing ever happens to you. Not like in the old times, when you said some nonsense to the king, and he might invite your head to go somewhere else, apart from your… far away from your body. But here, we are very benevolent. What’s wrong with going home? I don’t see anything wrong. And if you don’t ever have to come here again, you save money. Or you feel sorry for the air company or something? Your husband or your wife will feel very happy. “He is not going; we save money. He takes me on a holiday to Hawaii or something. Nice.” If somebody took me to Hawaii or somewhere now, I’d feel very happy, happy. “Yeah. yeah, yeah! I am going.”

Sometimes, I also want to escape, like my dog yesterday, last night. She escapes sometimes. Because in the new place, they did not make the fence very secure, not enough, and she always can find a little hole somewhere that we overlooked. And we put stones there, big concrete blocks. She somehow still can get away. And there is her little daughter, the skinniest one, she eats also, but she just doesn’t get fat. I mean, not round like the other dogs. Even her mother used to be like that, just skinny, skin and bones. You could count the ribs. And now she’s plump and round, and very beautiful. And she still continues, that little one.

But she is very, very protective, so whenever the mother escapes, she also has to escape with her. I asked her, “Why do you have to do that? It’s good enough that the mother is stupid, why do you also become stupid?” She said, “No, I want to protect her because she went out alone. God knows what.” I said, “Yeah, she should know that. You should tell her not to go, not you follow her.” That girl, she is like a boy, like a tomboy – always jumpy, very curious about things, very adventurous, and very protective. So, last night they came, and then they just hung around, eating (vegan) snacks and stuff, and then after they finished, they just went around the garden, looking for places to dig and to go out. We blocked all the holes possible already. She still found a little hole somewhere and then she dug it bigger. And here they didn’t put cement underneath the fence, so she can dig because the earth is new, is soft, so she digs anytime.

So, it made me worry so much. I couldn’t rest, I couldn’t meditate. I had to stay next to the gate, wait for them to come back, so that I could open the door for them to come in their room or come in my room. Wow! Last night they went very far, three and a half hours long. Normally, one hour they come back, but last night was very long. I worried they went out, maybe fighting with other dogs or other animals, stuff like that. Because the last one, not last one, but before last, she injured her eye inside not the lid but the inside of the eye – and it took several weeks to heal with the cone hat, wearing the cone hat. Like an ice cream cone. But this one is uncomfortable.

Oh, it’s hot today, no? (Yes.) Can we have a little air con, please? Or somebody come fan me like the king in the old times. Both sides fanning. I guess I have to do everything myself, even zip my own dress, wear my own shoes. And it’s broken now. It didn’t look broken before; it looked new. It’s new! When I began to step right here on the threshold of the hall, immediately it broke. It’s laughing now, at me. You know why I have to wear high heels and dress up and all this? No? Why? (For people outside.) For people outside? (I mean, for the public.) Why? Not for people inside? Why? (I think it’s for the people, so they have an affinity with Your clothing or… Like people look at You, remind them of something.) Remind them of something? (Yes. That they’ve seen in their dream or vision.) Really? I don’t think so. They’d rather criticize. “What kind of monk who wears (clothes) like that?” The reason was that it’s in the contract, so that I have to spend more time and wearing things that I don’t really want to wear. Make a lot more time, more inconvenience, you know what I mean? Not like this, so simple. I tried before, but it didn’t work, so I have to go back to the contract. That’s what it is. Even now that maya is gone, but the contract is already signed. All the Heavens had to be witnesses and everything. So, we continue maybe a few more decades, and then I will take a very special dress and then finish, you know the one about two meters long, and maybe about this wide, and square. And when they close the lid, that’s it. You’re free. No. You’re free before that.

It doesn’t work? That’s hot. (No.) It’s red? It’s red. OK. Now it’ cold. Earlier it was red, now it’s green That’s why it’s loud now. Okay, Thank you. What happened? Don’t hear very well? Yes! Thank you.

Thank you, all of you. I wanted to thank you before I forgot. I want to thank you for working for the world through Supreme Master Television or with Supreme Master Television, doing hosting, doing scriptwriting or technical assisting, and all kinds of stuff. And some even help find new channels and sustain the channels. It’s very good, you’re getting there, you’re getting there. Pretty cool. Getting better now, grown up.

Today, I was coming out here, and there were two guys driving me here – one driver and one just standing by in case the other driver drank too much water or something. And so I told them, “You know what? Today, I told them to ask questions, so I don’t have to work because otherwise, I always have to go out and read stories. I feel like I’m a kindergarten teacher. They just don’t grow up; they like stories and stuff.” Actually, all you have to do is very simple.

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