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Meeting the Master: From Godfré Ray King’s Unveiled Mysteries – The Dominion and Majesty of Ascended Master Saint Germain (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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We will now continue with a selection from Guy Warren Ballard’s, or Godfré Ray King’s book “Unveiled Mysteries.” 
“Mankind in the unascended state, marvel at these things - but I tell you - it is no more Effort - for us to change the appearance and activity of our bodies - than it is for the ordinary human being - to change his clothes. The unfortunate condition in human consciousness - that keeps individuals in their self-created limitations - is their attitude of mind - which either fears or ridicules - what it does not understand - or what is still worse - in its ignorance says – ‘That is impossible.’ A thing may not be probable - under certain human conditions - but the God-Self - which is the Great ‘Light’ - can change all human conditions - so nothing is - impossible.” 
“Every individual has the Divine Flame of Life Within him, and - That God-part of Him - has Dominion - wherever he moves in the universe. If he - because of his own mental inertia - will not exert the necessary effort - to reorder his age old habits – of mind and body - he goes on bound by the chains of his own forging - but if he chooses to know the God Within himself - and dares - to give that God-Self - all control of his outer activities - he will receive the knowledge once more of his Dominion over all substance - which has been his from the beginning.” 
“Thus, does the outer life keep the individual bound to the wheel of necessity, rebirth, continued struggle, and pain until we – let - the ‘Light of the Christ Within’ – illumine and purify us that we may respond only to the Plan of God - Love, Peace, and Perfection for His Creation. This is the kind of lesson - one never forgets - because objective teaching records the experience in the – vision - as well as in the mind. The record in the sight is deeper and - necessarily receives more attention - from the outer activity of the intellect.” 
“‘There is only one way,’ he went on, ‘to avoid the cosmic wheel of cause and effect - the necessity for re-embodiment - and that is through the conscious effort to comprehend - the Law of Life. One must earnestly seek the God Within - make permanent, conscious contact with that “Inner Self” - and hold firmly to it - in the face of every condition in the outer life. It will be my pleasure and privilege to show you more - but only for the instruction it will bring - to yourself and others.’”
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